RedMax Articulating Hedge Trimmer SRTZ230 Review

RedMax Articulating Hedge Trimmer Feature
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Ergonomics 8.5
  • Feature Set 9.0
  • Cutting Power 9.0
  • Value 8.5

The RedMax SRTZ230 articulating hedge trimmer lives up to its name by cutting down tough hedges without a struggle. Overhead and down low, the articulating head helps to get the job done faster.

Overall Score 8.8 (out of 10)

Reaching overhead with a standard hedge trimmer to reach tall hedges proves to be real pain. Not to mention, it doesn’t seem that I’m getting any younger. With the power and durability that my RedMax backpack blower delivers, an obvious choice for battling these tall-hedge nemisis is the SRTZ230 RedMax articulating hedge trimmer. The SRT in the model number identifies this as a Short Reach Trimmer. RedMax also offers the Long Reach Trimmer (LRTZ230), however my needs are yet to suffice the need for the longer reach.

Even standing at 6’4″, many hedges here in Central Florida require overhead reach. My common high-hedge encounters include Boxwood, Ligsutrum, Viburnum, Azalea, and Cherry Laurel, just to name a few. With even the lightest hedge trimmer, holding one overhead and flat for extending periods wreaks havoc on my neck, shoulders, and back. The articulating head on the RedMax SRTZ230 allows me to cut the tops of most hedges while holding the body of the hedge trimmer right in front of me. No reaching or extending is hardly needed.

RedMax Articulating Hedge Trimmer Features

22.5cc 1.0 HP RedMax Engine
22.5cc 1.0 HP RedMax Engine

The “230” in the RedMax SRTZ230 designates a 23cc (22.5) engine. This powerplant delivers 1.0 hp and it drives a 20″ double sided blade. Furthermore, this RedMax articulating hedge trimmer weighs only 13.3 lbs., so even holding the SRTZ230 straight out or straight up is not an issue. RedMax claims a reach of 10-feet, and I have no problem reaching this far, vertically, with the SRTZ230.

With the power to weight ratio on the RedMax articulating hedge trimmer, this SRTZ230 is very nimble. Don’t let the nimble comment detract from the power delivery. I have yet to have an issue with cutting through any hedges, shrubs, or tree branches that fit inside the one-inch cutting capacity. This includes Crepe Myrtle, Hibiscus, and even random young oaks.

SRTZ230 Articulating Head

Adjusting the articulating head of the RedMax SRTZ230 is very simple, hence it requires no tools. With just a quarter-turn of the retaining nut handle, the cutting head will adjust from -45 degrees (135 degrees) to +90 degrees. I can quickly change from cutting the top of a tall hedge (90 degrees), to trimming the sides (170 degrees), to trimming the tops of small bushes (135 degrees).

Articulating Head Adjustment
Articulating Head Adjustment

Equally irritating as reaching high, using a standard hedge trimmer, is bending over to reach the bottom of hedges. Moreso, trimming the tops of small hedges, vines and grasses create the same hassle. Using the RedMax articulating hedge trimmer, I can quickly adjust the head to a reverse angle to successfully trim the tops of Monkey Grass, Confederate Jasmine, Fig Vine, and Mexican Heather.


Auto-Return Power Switch
Auto-Return Power Switch

Aforementioned was the low weight of just 13 pounds which aids in the ergonomic department. Also, the trigger handle allows for a comfortable grip while providing the necessary throttle trigger and trigger lockout. The top of the operator’s hand simply depresses the lockout, so the forefinger and subsequent fingers can grasp the throttle. This is done in a simple and comfortable manner. The power switch is a feature, as well as an ergonomic function. I really like the auto-return style switch for on/off. Simply put, the power is always on, unless the button/switch is held depressed, killing power to the engine. Once the button is released, the RedMax articulating hedge trimmer is ready to start. This is so much better than an actual switch where you’re not sure if it’s in the “on” or “off” position.


In addtion to the throttle handle, the “D” handle clamped to the shaft of the trimmer allows for a second hand to share the load. More than just sharing the weight, the handle gives more control to the user. The handle is plastic with a comfortable rubber overmould, and it can be adjusted on the shaft to fit each individual user.

Final Thoughts

Using the SRTZ230 RedMax articulating hedge trimmer makes me wonder why I didn’t make this purchase much sooner. I no longer cringe when seeing those 6-foot hedges that seem to adorn many of my client’s homes. While I don’t know exaclty how efficient the SRTZ230 is, I’m thoroughly impressed with the seemed fuel efficiency. In short, a full tank seems to last a really long time, and I don’t see this tool creating a fuel usage increase (over a standard hedge trimmer).

RedMax stayed true to their durable past with the build quality on the RedMax SRTZ230. The adjustable head is solid and has very little to no flex, even when adjusting. Starting has not been an issue either, just a prime the bulb a few times, close the choke and a quick 2-3 pulls fires the motor. I open the choke and let it idle for a few seconds, then grab a handful of throttle and I’m off to the races.

SRTZ230 Replacing the SRTZ2460

While I love the SRTZ230 performance and nimbleness, I do wonder why RedMax is no longer offering the articulating trimmer in the 2460 version (24 cc 1.3 hp engine). Also, while stating my druthers, a beefier and larger handle for adjusting the articulating head would make things easier and more comfortable. All in all, I’m very happy with the SRTZ230 RedMax articulating hedge trimmer and I have and do recommend it to any lawn pro that needs the reach and adjustability for trimming hedges.

We have yet to hear of a price point for  the SRTZ230. The old SRTZ2460 sold in the $530-570 range, so we assume to see the same for. We’ll keep you posted as the news arrives.

RedMax SRTZ230 Specifications

  • Model: SRTZ230
  • Displacement: 22.5 cc
  • Power: 1.0 hp
  • Blade Length: 20″ double
  • Reach: 10′
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price: ~$569


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