Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series Zero Turn Mower

Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series Zero Turn Mower

The Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series zero turn mower is a line of commercial-grade products with some high horsepower motor options. You can choose a Kawasaki FX engine with up to 27 horsepower or a fuel efficient 27 horsepower Kohler EFI. Their premier Silver Eagle model has the new 72-inch Elite X Deck system with Dixie Chopper’s X-blade technology and blade overlap.

The Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle series zero turn mowers will both cut and mulch. To boost mulching performance, Dixie Chopper’s Silver Eagle zero turn mowers can utilize a twist blade. When added to the existing X-blade, the twist blade creates the required double cutting action required for mulching grass. Its mower drivetrain features Hydro-Gear 12cc pumps and Parker DG240 wheel motors.

The Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series Zero Turn Mower

These Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series zero turn mowers offer a unique deck spindle package that couples a commercial spindle with a cooling fan to reduce the operating temperature. This cools the belt and spindle while at the same time keeping the top of the deck clean from debris. The top end model in this series, the 2772EFI can mow up to 6.4 acres per hour. Fuel capacity is 8 gallons.

Dixie Chopper Elite X deck

These mowers also have a handy lever on the right side that lets you raise and lower the discharge chute at will, letting you navigate around tight obstacles when needed. The front Springer forks (60″ and 72″ decks) actually do quite a bit to reduce the sharp vibrations inherent with running a zero turn at high speeds.

In terms of construction, the top plate is made from 7 gauge steel which is bolted down, not welded, to the 2″ square welded tube. Cutting height can be adjusted between 1.5 – 4.5 inches, and the manual lift deck goes up or down in 1/4″ increments. Everything on this Dixie Chopper zero turn is solid, with many parts either made from serviceable cast iron or stainless steel.

“This engine is designed to help commercial cutters power through their toughest jobs while reducing downtime and minimizing fuel costs.”

– Mark Johansen, Director of Marketing for Kohler Engines

Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series Zero Turn Mower Key Features

  • Motor: Kawasaki FX engine (up to 27 HP) or Kohler EFI engine
  • Deck: 50″, 60″, and 72″ Elite X Deck
  • Coverage: Up to 6.4 acres per hour
  • Mulching option w/Twist blade
  • Drive train: Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors
  • Standard commercial deck spindle with a cooling fan
  • Shock absorption: Springer forks (standard on 60″ and 72″ decks)
  • OCDC chute to open and close the discharge chute on command
  • Fuel capacity: 8 gallons
  • Warranty: 5-year bumper-to-bumper, 3-year engine, up to 600H limited

There are 5 basic models of Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series zero turn mowers: 2550KW, 2750EFI,  2760KW, 2760EFI, 2772KW, and 2772EFI. Here’s how they break down:

Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series Zero Turn Models:

  • 2550KW – 25hp Kawasaki FX engine, 50″ deck
  • 2750EFI – 27hp Kohler EFI engine, 50″ deck
  • 2760KW – 27hp Kawasaki FX engine, 60″ deck
  • 2760EFI – 27hp Kohler EFI engine, 60″ deck
  • 2772KW – 27hp Kawasaki FX engine, 72″ deck
  • 2772EFI – 27hp Kohler EFI engine, 72″ deck

Dixie Chopper is known for their speed of cut (these perform at around 11 mph ground cutting speed). Blade speed is between 17,399 and 17,875 fpm. Newer models like the Altoz XC610Z zero turn are giving them a run for their money (literally). Expect pricing to start just under $8,500 for these models.

To learn more about Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle Series Zero Turn Mowers, visit their website .

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