Manufacturer: Exmark

Vertex Stand on mowers

Vertex Stand On Mowers 2024 Lineup

Exmark hasn’t been around all that long. Some manufacturers have been at it for over a century, whereas they started in 1982. Yet, in this comparatively short period of time, Exmark has made a significant impact on the world of commercial mowers. In fact, today, they’re arguably the leading manufacturer of professional landscaping equipment. That’s […]

Exmark Electric Stand-on Vertex V-Series Mowers

Exmark Electric Stand-on Vertex V-Series Mowers

The Exmark Vertex V-Series represents the company’s first electric stand-on mowers. Targeting the commercial market, the new stand-on zero-turn lawnmower delivers the same durability and cut quality you expect from Exmark—but with a HyperCell battery-powered system. Editor’s Note: Check out the Exmark Adapt cutting deck adjustment system. Exmark Turns to Electric Hypercell Power System Exmark […]

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series Adapt controls

Exmark Adapt Cutting Deck Adjustment System

If you mow professionally, you know that adjusting the rake, or pitch, of the deck can aid cut quality or deliver optimal results when discharging grass. The Exmark Adapt cutting deck adjustment system promises quicker access to much-needed rake controls without leaving your seat. Exmark Adapt Deck Adjustment System Available on select 2023 Lazer Z […]

Exmark Radius X-Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower.jpg

Exmark Radius X-Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Exmark 2022 Radius X-Series Features Major Power Upgrade Plus Other Bonuses Designed for the professional and commercial landscaper, Exmark added some new features to its 2022 Radius X-Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower. We took a look at some of the 2022 updates to see if this model offered some advantages to benefit lawn care Pros. 2022 […]

Exmark Horizon360 Premium Software - Free Fleet

Exmark Horizon360 Premium Software – Free for Fleet Customers

We first wrote about the Toro Horizon360 software platform in 2021. Now, in order to help its active fleet customers, the Premium tier of Exmark Horizon360 business management software is now free (Exmark is a brand under The Toro Company). Previously priced at $1,200, the software should be a huge help for landscape contractors participating […]

Exmark Vertex

Exmark Vertex S-Series Stand-On Mowers

Exmark Introduces Next Generation of Stand-On Zero-Turn Mowers Exmark has introduced the Vertex S-Series Stand-On Mowers. These all-new models give landscape maintenance Pros a productive and versatile mower that Exmark tells us is reliable for day-in, day-out performance. Plus, the Vertex mowers offer the features that Exmark customers say they look for in a stand-on […]

Exmark Honors Program

Exmark Honors Program Salutes Servicemen

Military and First Responders Can Save Up To $1,500 on Select Exmark Mowers Exmark has launched a new Honors Program in recognition of all the hard work, dedication, and service of our military and first responders. Through this program, current and former military and first responders can receive discounts of up to $1,500 to go […]

Exmark Tractus Tires

Exmark Does Away with Flat Tires A few weeks back, we covered the announcement of eXmark’s 96″ Lazer Z X-Series mower. Well, if you thought that was exciting, we’ve got more good news for you. At GIE this year, eXmark announced a new tire to go with that mower as an optional upgrade. The airless […]