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kress snow blower

Kress Snow Blower: Self-Propelled KG471

The lyrics to Winter Wonderland are upbeat and redolent of the holidays. What’s more, they sound great coming from Bing Crosby’s silky pipes. However, as all denizens of the colder climes know, sometimes a winter wonderland can be a snowy hassle. That’s especially true when it comes to clearing your driveway. Indeed, it’s the modern […]

ego snow blower price

EGO Snow Blower Price Tags

With winter fast approaching, manufacturers like EGO are gearing up with solid snow blower price tags. Some of the deals are modest, however, when you save even a penny, you earn one. Ben Franklin definitely knew what he was talking about. So, to help you navigate the playing field, we’ve chosen three EGO snow blowers […]

skil pwrcore snow blower

Skil Pwrcore Snow Blower

With winter fast approaching, it’s not a bad idea to have a snow blower on deck. Of course, year-round, the OPE Reviews team keeps their eyes peeled for models that you should know about. And we think the 40V Skil Pwrcore Snow Blower (SB2001C-10) is one of them. Overall, it has the features and the […]

ego snow blower shovel

EGO Snow Blower Shovel (MSS1203)

EGO Snow Shovel Attachment Makes Light Clearing More Convenient When we think of snow cleanup, we usually envision heavy accumulation and towering drifts. But what about lighter snowfalls on decks, patios, and porch steps? Take it from us. Based in the northern Mid-Atlantic, we get our fair share of snow, and one thing we know […]

greenworks 60v snow blower

Greenworks 60V Snow Blower

Many people we’ve talked with have wondered whether a snow blower is worth it. The answer is a matter of opinion. However, if you decide to trade the shovel handle for the controls, you’ll find a lot of choices. Our job at OPE Reviews is to help narrow your search, keeping you in the loop […]

snow blowing tips

Snow Blowing Tips and Tricks: A Guide for Beginners

Whether you’re new to snow blowing or an old pro, these snow blowing tips and tricks will make your job easier. Learn how to use a snow blower efficiently and safely with this comprehensive guide, including everything from purchasing and maintaining your snow blower to avoiding common mistakes. The Importance of Snow Blowing in Winter […]

Green Machine Snow Blower

Green Machine Snow Blower (GMSB6200-SS)

Those of you in the southern United States probably won’t have much use for a snow blower. However, here in the northern climes, we can expect our fair share of snow. Enter the 62V Green Machine snow blower (GMSB6200-SS). Yes, it looks like something straight out of Patton’s Third Army. And, we’re going to tour […]

altoz switch tool carrier

Altoz Switch Compact Tool Carrier

The Altoz Switch Handles Everything From Snow To Brush No matter your local climate, the Altoz Switch compact tool carrier has something to offer you. With a variety of attachments for any season, it’s a versatile solution for landscape professionals. Altoz also designed it for use with the likes of city and government utility departments. […]