June 16, 2021

backpack sprayer

Hart HGSP041 20V Backpack Chemical Sprayer Review

Hart Adds Chemical Sprayers to 20V OPE Lineup Chemical sprayers are handy tools to have around the home and garden, but who wants to waste energy by hand-pumping away like some sort of uncultured Philistine? We have battery power to do the heavy lifting, after all. Three different Hart 20V Chemical Sprayers utilize battery power […]

Petra HD4000 BAckpack Sprayer

Petra HD4000 Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer

Petra HD4000 Makes Pumping Inexpensive You could spend precious time and energy pumping air into your backpack sprayer like some sort of Philistine, or you could get with the times and let the Petra battery-powered Backpack Sprayer do its own heavy lifting. Let Petra Be Your Rock The Petra Backpack Sprayer provides a solution where […]