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How A Chainsaw Oiler Works

How Does a Chainsaw Oiler Work?

When it comes to 2-cycle engines, lubrication is important. Without proper lubrication, the friction caused by your chainsaw chain moving across the guide bar causes excess heat and wear. This hot, metal-on-metal action damages the chain, the bar, and the engine. In fact, you can eventually break the whole chainsaw. Keeping that bar and chain […]

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How to Tell if a Chainsaw Bar is Worn Out

Ah, the noble chainsaw bar, the unsung hero. We often focus on the more prominent aspects of these saws—like the chain or the motor. We likely don’t spend much time considering the bar that holds it all together. A chainsaw bar in good working order will provide stability, guidance, and efficiency. But what about a […]

Oregon SpeedCut Nano Cutting System

Oregon Designs Cutting System for Battery-Powered and Lightweight Gas Chainsaws Oregon has engineered the SpeedCut Nano from the ground up, the express purpose of optimizing your small chainsaw’s performance and efficiency. Whether using a battery-powered model or a compact gas-powered model (20-38 cc), Oregon’s SpeedCut Nano Cutting System looks to improve every aspect of your […]

Upside Down Chainsaw Bars

Why You Should Flip To An Upside Down Chainsaw Bar

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching loggers work, you’ve undoubtedly seen a chainsaw equipped with an upside down chainsaw bar. Maybe you’ve wondered why that is. Was the guy working the saw just not paying attention that day? Was it a mistake? Does it even matter? Of course it matters, and of course, […]