Makita 80V max XGT 14-Inch Power Cutter GEC01

Makita 80V Max XGT 14-Inch Power Cutter GEC01

The Makita XGT line promises high-performance equipment and at STAFDA 2021, we got to see how the latest expansion of the system delivers it. The most impressive of the group was the Makita 80V max XGT 14-inch power cutter. Makita 80V max XGT Power Cutter Design We don’t have a ton of information this early […]

Review9.5(out of 10)

Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Attachment Review

Remove Water Measuring Guesswork With The Collomix AQiX If we’re honest, many of us use the guess and check method of adding water to concrete, mortar, and other mixes. But that’s not really the most efficient way to work and Collomix has a solution with their AQiX water dosing attachment. Pros Precise water measuring to […]

Steele COncrete Mixer

Steele Manual Concrete Mixer | Portable Concrete Mixing

Steele Mixer Provides Fast and Lightweight Concrete Mixing with Minimalist Design Unlike bulky and cumbersome concrete mixers that require electrical power and a couple of people to transport, the patented Steele Mixer adopts a more minimalist approach. This lightweight mixer only requires one person to operate and lift, and it gets the job done in […]

Makita XEC01 power cutter

Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter XEC01

Those looking for a cordless and OSHA-approved solution to power cutting through concrete, keep your eyes peeled this spring. The XEC01 Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter, which made its debut at this year’s 2020 World of Concrete , looks like it should tick all of the major boxes. Is the Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter […]

Husqvarna K770 Power Cutter Review

The new Husqvarna K770 Power Cutter brings a few upgrades to the K 760 we reviewed a little while ago.  You’ll see some things like a little more weight but with less vibration. Pros Lower vibration than the K760 Smart tensioning system to keep the belt tight and keeps the saw cutting smoothly Upgraded crankcase […]

iQ Power Tools Dry-Cut Power Cutter With Quick Change Options

If you’re not already familiar with the iQ Power Tools Dry-Cut Power Cutter, you should get to know this tool. It allows you to make cuts in all sorts of masonry but it does the job without creating a mess of concrete slurry. At this year’s World of Concrete event , iQ Tools announced some […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Echo Power Cutter CSG-7410

Echo Power Cutter – CSG-7410

For cutting through concrete and masonry with more torque, check out the new CGS-7410 Echo Power Cutter. With a host of Pro-level features, this cut-off saw will take a tough job and make it easier than you’re used to. Pros Highest cutting torque in class 4-Stage air cleaning system 73.5 cc 2-stroke commercial grade engine […]

Ways To Use Your Pressure Washer

Different Ways To Use Your Pressure Washer

Take a good, hard look around the outside of your house. Now, be honest…how grimy and dull does everything look? Chances are good that if you haven’t really been all that disciplined with regular upkeep, your siding or brick is starting to look moldy and gross, bits of your driveway or patio look like they […]