October 21, 2021


Buying a Portable Generator: What to Look For

Whether you’re preparing for emergency power, looking to run a job site, or have recreational use in mind, there’s a lot to consider when buying a portable generator. To help you sort it out among the plethora of options out there, we’ve put together a list of things our Pro team looks for when they’re […]

Best Portable Generator

Best Generator Reviews 2021 | Inverter, Portable, Whole-House, and Solar

When hurricane season rolls around, we always get a ton of questions about the best generator for a lot of different needs and prices. Even as hurricane season begins to wind down, winter storm season warms up and the reality is every season is generator season. We got our team of experts together including contractors, […]

Winterize Your Equipment | 3 Fool-Proof Steps to Prevent Fuel Issues

Winterizing affects lawn care and equipment on the job site. Here are three fool-proof steps on how to winterize your equipment against fuel issues due to ethanol gasoline. Winterize Your Equipment Step 1 – Fil ‘er Up…Some Our goal here is to run out the fuel, so don’t fill up the tank just yet. We […]

Honda Recalls Two Portable Generators | OPE News

340,000 EB2200i and EU2200i Generators Affected Honda just released news that the American branch of the brand has issued a recall of around 340,000 EB2200i and EU2200i portable generators. These 2200 watt 120V industrial inverter generators have both been discovered to have a possible defect, and Honda will begin recall inspections and repairs on March […]

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EGO Nexus Power Station Battery Inverter Review

EGO Nexus Power Station Runs More Powerful Tools Than Other Battery Inverters The EGO Nexus Power Station is giving lithium-ion power supplies a kick in the pants with its unorthodox design. I say unorthodox, but outside of the Kohler enCube and Goal Zero products, there aren’t many big names in the battery-powered inverter space taking […]

What is EFI? Understanding Electronic Fuel Injection’s Benefits

What is EFI? The short answer is Electronic Fuel Injection. But you probably didn’t come here just to figure out what the acronym stands for. So let’s look more closely at what it is and why EFI is important for the small engines you find on generators, mowers, and other equipment. What is EFI? Electronic […]

the difference between an inverter and a generator

What’s the Difference Between An Inverter and a Generator?

The difference between an inverter and a generator might not be a massive one. After all, both accomplish the same task: they both burn fuel, which powers a motor that’s attached to an alternator, which then produces electrical power. But there are a few distinctions between the two in how they accomplish that job, and […]

Honda EB2800i

Honda EB2800i Inverter Generator

The Honda EB2800i is an open frame inverter generator that brings 2800 starting watts to the jobsite or tailgate in a relatively lightweight and quiet package. It’s built around Honda’s GC190LA CARB compliant engine, but take a good look at the overall package before you decide if it belongs on your next camping trip. Honda […]