artificial grass cost

Understanding Artificial Grass Cost

Installation, Maintenance, and FAQs Everyone loves a gorgeous, green lawn, but it’s a luxury that strains the pocketbook every year. With environmentally friendly alternatives like artificial grass, it can be hard to justify the maintenance expenses associated with a real lawn. Find out how much you can save with this artificial grass cost, installation, and […]

how to grow grass in the shade

Master How to Grow Grass in the Shade

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Grass Where the Sun Don’t Shine If you’re in the dark about how to grow grass in the shade, shed some light on the subject with proven methods that will give you a thick, green lawn in those hard-to-grow areas. Master the art of growing grass in the shade by […]

perennial ryegrass

A Guide to Perennial Ryegrass

How to Identify, Plant, and Care for Perennial Ryegrass What is Perennial Ryegrass? Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium Perenne) is a fine-bladed, cool-season grass. Due to its origins in Europe and Asia, it grows well in areas with cool winters and moderate summers. Known for its fast growth, it’s reasonably drought resistant and can tolerate some shade. […]

Kentucky bluegrass

Guide to Kentucky Bluegrass

There’s a good reason that Kentucky Bluegrass remains a homeowner’s favorite for lawns. This grass has dense, lush, and durable blades — provided it receives the right care. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to give Kentucky bluegrass what it needs, provided you take the right steps. If you give it the right conditions and put […]

St Augustine grass care guide

St Augustine Grass Care Guide

St Augustine grass variety is a fixture throughout a number of states, from Carolina on south. In fact, the grass originally native to the West Indies and West Africa is now the most common lawn grass in the state of Florida. Characteristics of St Augustine Grass Each cultivar of St Augustine has its own specific […]

fescue grass

How to Grow Fescue Grass

Ideally suited to northern areas, fescue grass is a cool season, clump-forming perennial grass composed of several main varieties. Originating in Europe, it is now well established across the United States, albeit more heavily concentrated in the North and Midwest. Although botanists have identified 450 species of fescue grass, the main varieties used in lawns […]

buffalo grass

Buffalo Grass Lawn Guide

When it comes time for you to decide what grass you want to plant in your yard, Buffalo grass may be the option for you. This grass is perhaps most popular in its native Great Plains region of the United States, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plant it elsewhere. In this guide to Buffalo […]

zoysia grass

A Guide to Zoysia Grass

When it comes to maintaining a neat and visually appealing home, a beautiful yard is key. And not surprisingly, many homeowners choose Zoysia grass for their lawns. Known for its beauty, durability, and low maintenance, this species of grass thrives in the care of those who are familiar with its origins, special features, and cultivation […]