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Best Riding Lawn Mowers for 2023

Best Riding Lawn Mowers for 2023

There are just too many benefits of riding lawn mowers to mention here, and we’re sure you already know what they are anyway. If you don’t currently enjoy these “luxuries”, then you’re definitely not alone in pining for them in the hot summer sun. So, the staff at OPE has assembled our recommendations for the […]

Mean Green Fury stand-on mower

Mean Green Fury Compact Stand-On Mower

Mean Green Mowers, a division of Generac, announced a new compact stand-on mower, the Mean Green Fury (Model FUR36S110). It’s big news, as it’s unlike most stand-on models. Designed for commercial usage, this sibling stand-on to the full-sized Vanquish allows access to areas where larger commercial-sized stand-on mowers can’t fit. Generac emphasizes that the Mean […]

Exmark Electric Stand-on Vertex V-Series Mowers

Exmark Electric Stand-on Vertex V-Series Mowers

The Exmark Vertex V-Series represents the company’s first electric stand-on mowers. Targeting the commercial market, the new stand-on zero-turn lawnmower delivers the same durability and cut quality you expect from Exmark—but with a HyperCell battery-powered system. Editor’s Note: Check out the Exmark Adapt cutting deck adjustment system. Exmark Turns to Electric Hypercell Power System Exmark […]

Exmark Vertex

Exmark Vertex S-Series Stand-On Mowers

Exmark Introduces Next Generation of Stand-On Zero-Turn Mowers Exmark has introduced the Vertex S-Series Stand-On Mowers. These all-new models give landscape maintenance Pros a productive and versatile mower that Exmark tells us is reliable for day-in, day-out performance. Plus, the Vertex mowers offer the features that Exmark customers say they look for in a stand-on […]

Exmark Staris Stand-on FI3

ExMark Staris Stand-on Zero-Turn Mower Preview

If you’re stuck with just a zero-turn, or two, in your mowing arsenal, you may want to have a look at the new Exmark Staris stand-on zero-turn mowers. They come in two different models: the Exmark Staris E-series and Staris S-series. Both series stand in the commercial category, but the E-series is more compact, with the S-series […]

Kubota Mowers

New Kubota Mowers Announced At GIE 2018

Tis the season for new product announcements in the world of outdoor power equipment, as many manufacturers often use the GIE+Expo in Louisville, KY as a chance to drop their new product developments on the public. We’ve had the chance to go the last few years, and it always presents a wealth of new information. Case […]

Greenworks Commercial zero turn mowers

Greenworks Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Video

A few years ago, Greenworks introduced us to their battery-powered zero turn mower prototypes. We even had the chance to drive around these prototypes at last year’s GIE Expo in Lousiville, Kentucky. And now, finally, in what seems like a release that’s been a long time coming, we might actually get to see the fruits […]

Ferris Z3X Stand-On Mowers

Ferris Z3X Stand-On Mowers

Stand-On mowers might not have the market presence that walk-behind and riding mowers have. Mostly, it seems that the professional landscapers are using the stand-on mower design for its versatility. They handle wide-open mowing really well, but they also tend to manage smaller properties with a bunch of obstacles. As the professional demand for stand-on mowers […]