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Best battery-powered weed eater 2022

Best Battery Powered Weed Eater for 2022

Switching from Gas to Battery is Easier with the Latest Generation of Battery-Powered String Trimmers Even before you finally pull the trigger on a battery-powered lawn mower, cordless string trimmers present a much more accessible entry point for homeowners. Pros running landscaping crews have grabbed these tools when they need a quiet solution for municipalities. […]

Which String Trimmer Line Should I Use?

What Size String Trimmer Line Should You Use?

When it comes to keeping a lawn neat and tidy, the string trimmer shines as a multi-purpose workhorse. Depending on the application, one could use it to mow down hard-to-access areas, trim up grass and weeds that a mower can’t quite reach, clear out thicker brush, and edge out lines for a cleaner-looking yard. So, […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Husqvarna 525LS String Trimmer

Husqvarna 525LST String Trimmer Review

If you’ve checked in with us recently, you might know that we recently got the chance to test out the Best String Trimmers. We ran all of the products through a series of tests to see which ones presented the best power, fuel economy, ergonomics, feature sets, and value. The Husqvarna 525LST made our short list […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Greenworks 60V String Trimmer Review

Greenworks 60V String Trimmer Review

Greenworks Pro 60V 16-Inch String Trimmer Finishes the Job in Style Having used most of the Greenworks Pro 60V cordless power tools at this point, we see the brand focusing on delivering an excellent balance for homeowners looking for both high performance and value. We wanted to bring in the Greenworks Greenworks 60V cordless string […]

HART 40V Brushless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Review

HART Tools HLST051VNM 40V Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Review

HART Moves Up The Charts With Brushless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer The best lawn mowers can make your overall lawn look fantastic—but you still need to trim and edge the areas where a mower can’t get to. Some of the best-rated string trimmers tend towards the heavy side and many DIY models don’t have the […]

Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft String Trimmers

Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft String Trimmers

If you’re anything like me, at some point you might have wondered about the difference between straight shaft vs curved shaft string trimmers or weedeaters. Most folks might tend to think that one string trimmer design was the same as any other. I’ve worked on a few lawn crews over the years—as well as having […]

HART 40V Brushless Battery-Powered Lawn Tools

HART Brings the Power in 2022 with 40V Brushless Lawn Care Tools Could HART Tools 40V brushless battery-powered lawn tools have what it takes to induce consumers to switch to battery power from gas? The company has certainly pushed performance levels to higher limits over their 20V line of outdoor tools. To help you know […]

Best String Trimmer Reviews 2022 | Gas, Cordless, and Electric

Whether you call it a weedeater, weed wacker, weed trimmer, or something else, string trimmers have the same fundamental concept—spin line fast enough for the tips to cut grass. Ask a random sampling of five people, and they’ll likely tell you five different models for the best string trimmer. We asked our not-so-random team to […]