Masterforce 20V 12-inch string trimmer review

Masterforce 20V String Trimmer Review

The Masterforce 20V 12-inch String Trimmer Delivers Runtime and Ergonomics Unfortunately, we don’t have Menards in Central Florida. You will, however, find them—and their house brand, Masterforce—all over the midwest and beyond. Having used several of their 20V power tools, we wanted to try out the Masterforce 20V 12-inch string trimmer to see how it […]

Greenworks Commercial GT 161 82V Trimmer

Greenworks 82V String Trimmer GT 161 is Attachment-Capable

Greenworks Commercial introduced the new GT 161, its first attachment-capable string trimmer. The new Greenworks 82V string trimmer offers universal attachment capabilities and works on their 82V battery platform. Firstly, the GT 161 is the first Greenworks 82V string trimmer that allows attachments. Most landscapers we know prefer dedicated tools like the Greenworks Commercial stick […]

Worx 40V Power Share trimmer

Worx 40V Trimmer Edger – WG184

Worx has been slowly revamping its 20V line of outdoor power tools with new 40V power supplies. Rather than create a third battery platform (see the Worx 56V string trimmer as an example), the company is taking a cue from Makita 18V X2 tools. The new Worx 40V Trimmer Edger Power Share system uses two […]

Homemade Trimmer Rack

We Make a Homemade Trimmer Rack for the Shop or Garage

Here at OPE Reviews we’re constantly testing and reviewing many tools and equipment related to the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) world. I’m sure it comes by no surprise that a large portion of these are stick tools. It’s not uncommon to have several string trimmers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, and edgers in at one time. Throw […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Worx 56V Cordless Mower

Worx 56V Cordless Mower Review

I remember the first time I saw an electric lawn mower. I scoffed (in my mind) watching the individual struggle with the corded lawn mower. “That wouldn’t be powerful to cut through my thick grass,” I said to myself. I figured that if they did ever make a battery-powered mower with enough strength to cut thick grass, surely […]

DeWalt 20V Max Outdoor Power Equipment

DeWalt 20V Max Outdoor Power Equipment Preview

Dewalt is launching two new outdoor power equipment products, the DeWalt 20V Max XR String Trimmer (DCST920P1) and DeWalt 20V Max XR Handheld Blower (DCBL720P1). Starting with our review of the DeWalt 40V Max Blower, the company’s OPE debut was solid. Not to be outdone, DeWalt’s 40V Max String Trimmer was also an excellent design. Stepping […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
EGO 56V Cordless Mower, Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Blower

EGO 56V Cordless Mower, Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Blower Review

Companies like EGO are pushing the boundaries and limits in ways never before seen in this category, and it won’t be very long before the thought of a homeowner using a gas tool to mow or trim the lawn is an antiquated idea. EGO is a new brand whose tools are now available at The Home […]

Review8.9(out of 10)
Oregon ST275 40V Cordless Trimmer

Oregon ST275 40V Cordless Trimmer Review

Having recently reviewed Oregon’s PS250 Pole Saw, which resulted in high marks; I was excited to seize the opportunity to review the Oregon ST275 Trimmer/Edger .  Since Oregon products can only be found in smaller, professional equipment dealer locations, I assume that most, if not all, homeowners and a large number of pros may not be […]