Michelin Tweel UTV Tire assembly

Michelin Tweel UTV Tire Launched for Fleet Market

We’ve watched the evolution of the Michelin Tweel tire technology for some time. One limitation had to do with the maximum load you could put on these wheels. To solve that, the 26X11N14 Michelin Tweel UTV tire adds 2.8 inches to the width. It also increases the load capacity by 608 lbs. That number tops […]

Michelin Expands Tweel Airless Radial Tire Line

Michelin Introduces New X Tweel Turf Sizes Michelin North America has added new Tweel airless radial tires to its portfolio. Michelin will bring these Turf products to the commercial zero-turn radius mower line. The new Michelin Tweel sizes are available as original equipment or as an aftermarket option. For instance, John Deere ZTrak 900 Series […]

Michelin Tweels Now Made for Golf Carts

Michelin X Tweel Turf Comfort: Now Made for Golf Carts!

Trick Out Your Golf Cart With Michelin’s Airless Tweels Golf cart and stand-on mower owners now have a more comfortable option for worry-free tires. Michelin has introduced a new version of its airless radial Tweel that provides a smoother, more comfortable ride. The Michelin X Tweel Turf Comfort replaces the standard 18X8.5N10 front and rear […]

Michelin Expands The X Tweel Lineup

Michelin Showcases New Turf Products at GIE Michelin added to their lineup of Tweel airless radial tires recently, and showed off the new additions at this past GIE+Expo. THree new Turf products are hitting the prosumer and commercial zero-turn radius mower line. These new Turf products include a new 15″ ZTR caster design for larger […]

X Tweel

Michelin Supplies X Tweel Tires To Mean Green Mower Line

Michelin has recently partnered with Mean Green Mowers to include their X Tweel tires on select Li-Ion ZTR mower models. As of now, the Mean Green Stalker stand-on mower can come equipped with the Michelin X Tweel Turf 18″ drive wheels. Likewise, the CXR-60 ride-on ZTR can come fitted with the brand’s 24″ drive wheels. […]

John Deere Z955M

John Deere Z955M With Tweels Video

On a recent episode of PTR Live, we had the chance to take a look at the new John Deere Z955M Zero Turn Mower. Not only does it feature a 60″ fabricated deck, but it also includes dual hydraulic pumps driving each Tweel. That’s right, these tweels, from Michelin, never go flat as they don’t […]