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Cub Cadet SurePath GPS-Guided Zero Turn Mowers

Cub Cadet Releases First Semi-Autonomous Mowers We try to stay on the lookout for new technology—particularly anything that saves time and money. When Cub Cadet announced a line of semi-autonomous mowers, we perked up. The Pro Series Pro Z 960 S and 972 S SurePath Zero Turn Mowers use GPS technology and an exclusive four-wheel […]

Greenworks Battery Powered Zero Turn

Greenworks Battery Powered Zero Turn Mowers

Greenworks, a company known for their efforts at crafting eco-friendly OPE, has come out with a new line of mowers that continue to carry on the brand’s grand tradition. With the catchy new slogan, “redefining zero,” the new Greenworks battery powered zero turn mowers look to shake up the commercial landscape industry. By providing the […]

Ryobi Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower Review – ZT480ex

Ryobi Applies Electric Mower Tech to New 42″ Zero Turn In Florida, summer has been in full swing for a while now, which means that the grass we cut a week ago desperately needed to be cut again yesterday. But, as is generally the case, time is limited and we don’t always have it to […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Cub Cadet Pro Z 972 SD

Cub Cadet Pro Z 972 SD Zero-Turn Mower Review

I tried to describe the feeling of riding along at 12+ mph while cutting grass on a zero turn with 4-wheel steering to a colleague who runs a professional landscaping company. When my description then turned to describe the dualie wheels, he became absolutely convinced I was pulling his leg. So, at first glance, the […]

Cub Cadet Ultima Series

Cub Cadet Ultima Series

Cub Cadet Claims New Ultima Series Zero Turn Mowers Feature Best-In-Class Cutting Cub Cadet has recently announced the latest additions to their residential zero turn mower lineup. The Cub Cadet Ultima Series – the result of over 63,000 hours of designing and testing – highlights the brand’s efforts in making the best cutting, best riding, […]

Hustler Super 104 Zero Turn Mower – Big and Nimble

We had the honor of receiving the Hustler Super 104 zero turn mower recently, so we can provide an in-depth hands-on review. If you haven’t heard of the Hustler Super 104, then let the name speak for itself. This is a 104-inch cutting behemoth. The Super 104 has the power, speed, and capacity to cut […]

Hustler Dash Zero Turn Mower

Hustler Dash Zero Turn Mower – ZT for the Home

When you think of Hustler Turf, your mind probably immediately goes to a Super Z or a commercial-grade mower with the iconic yellow and black paint. Commercial landscapers know and understand that build-quality that Hustler brings to their equipment. Homeowners now have an opportunity to get into the game, without the commercial price, with the […]

New Hustler Products at GIE

New Hustler Products at GIE Expo

The GIE Expo never fails to bring out the crowds for the largest Green Industry show in the U.S. This year seemed to be bigger than ever, however, these are only our guestimations and not certified results. From under the Excel Industries corporation, we saw new Hustler products at GIE Expo, and it wasn’t just […]