July 26, 2021

zero turn

Greenworks Lithium Z Launch Event FI

Greenworks Lithium Z Launch Event

Have you ever ridden a zero-turn mower at 10mph with virtually no noise? We got to do just that at the Greenworks Lithium Z launch event near Charlotte, N.C. The battery-powered Greenworks mowers were not exactly secret since we’ve covered them in our Highlights From the GIE Expo last year. However, the great news is they’re finally […]

Greenworks Commercial zero turn mowers

Greenworks Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Video

A few years ago, Greenworks introduced us to their battery-powered zero turn mower prototypes. We even had the chance to drive around these prototypes at last year’s GIE Expo in Lousiville, Kentucky. And now, finally, in what seems like a release that’s been a long time coming, we might actually get to see the fruits […]

Snapper Pro S200XT ZT Side

Snapper Pro S200XT Zero Turn – 61 or 72-inch Cutting Deck

If you thought that Snapper doesn’t fit in the commercial game, then you should probably look again. In particular, the Snapper Pro S200XT zero turn offers the professional options and specs that you expect in a commercial mower. Furthermore, if cutting capacity concerns you, the Snapper Pro S200XT comes with a 61 or 72-inch fabricated […]

Wood-Mizer Zero Turn Mowers

Wood-Mizer Zero Turn Mowers Video

We recently got word that Wood-Mizer, builders of high-end golf-course turf equipment for over 25 years, has developed a few new pieces of lawn equipment that actually don’t have anything to do with mills. The Wood-Mizer Zero Turn Mowers come in a few different varieties, one with a 52″ deck, and one with a 61″ […]

Wood-Mizer Zero-Turn Mowers

Wood-Mizer Zero Turn Mowers

Wood-Mizer, who has designed and sold commercial mowers for the past 25 years, has now released a high-end product fit for the homeowner looking for a pro-quality cut. The new Wood-Mizer Zero Turn Mowers feature 26Hp Kohler gas vertical shaft engines and can come in either a 52″ or 61″ cutting deck. Made in the USA, […]

Hustler Super S Stand On

Stand Up – Hustler Super S Stand On Mower Preview

Sometimes sitting down is not an option. Zero Turns are now the typical go-to mower for lawn crews today, however, it shouldn’t be the only mower in your arsenal. When it comes to maneuverability, it’s hard to beat a good stand on mower. The Hustler Super S stand on delivers with smaller dimensions, convenient controls, […]

Exmark RED Technology

Next-Gen Exmark RED Technology Announced

We recently talked a bit about Exmark’s new 2018 Lazer Z Diesel line of Zero Turn Mowers. As you might recall, we highlighted how Exmark went to great lengths to ensure the operator’s comfort and productivity. One of the features included to achieve that end is patented Exmark RED technology. Admittedly, our coverage of RED […]

Exmark Lazer Z

The New Exmark Lazer Z Diesel Mower Increases Productivity And Comfort

Exmark has revealed their new 2018 commercial mower models. The new Exmark Lazer Z commercial zero turn mower features a few new innovations, such as a 96″ UltraCut Flex Wing cutting deck and a Yanmar liquid-cooled diesel engine. The new model also features Exmark’s RED technology. We’ll get into what all of that means a […]