annuals v perennials

Annuals vs Perennials – Know the Differences

When it comes to choosing between annuals vs perennial flowers, understanding their differences will help you achieve a luxurious landscape that blooms profusely throughout the growing season.  At first glance, planting perennials, which can last for years, is a much better way to go than planting annuals, which must be replanted yearly. However, a well-appointed […]

how to make homemade weed killer

How to Make Homemade Weed Killer

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Weed-Free Lawn Without Chemicals Are you looking for a recipe for homemade weed killer? DIY weed killers are less expensive and don’t contain harsh chemicals; you can mix them right in your kitchen. Learn how to make homemade weed killer that works with a few simple ingredients that you […]

self-propelled mowers

Best Self-Propelled Mower Reviews 2023

Generally, most of us prefer easy. It’s human nature to avoid the struggle. Unfortunately, choosing a self-propelled lawn mower doesn’t fall within this category. The sheer breadth of choices out there doesn’t make that possible, which is why OPE brings you our Best Self-Propelled Mower review list. We want to guide you through the myriad […]

Ryobi 40V Attachment System

Ryobi 40V Attachment System

Ryobi’s Expand-It System Proves That 10 Attachments Are Better Than One Ryobi’s Expand-It line is quickly becoming a formidable and diverse fleet of cordless outdoor power equipment. An example is the P20160 trim mower. But this isn’t the only attachment-capable model. Other systems make things quick and easy for yard warriors. They eliminate the need […]

professional pool services

Guide to Quality Pool Services

Having a swimming pool in your own backyard is a dream come true. That is until the weekly pool cleaning chores start to become a nightmare! That’s when you leave it to the professionals, and we can help you learn more with our guide to quality pool services. The Basics of Installing a Pool If […]

best 56V EGO blowers

Best 56V EGO Blower Reviews for 2023

While a number of brands have a select few blowers that make up a small lineup, EGO’s fleet is bigger. In fact, it’s much bigger–big enough for us to do an entire best-of review on just EGO. From the most powerful to the best value, we’re here with this guide specifically to help you determine […]

in ground dog fencing

Comprehensive Guide to In-Ground Dog Fencing

A fence around your yard will keep your dog safe, but it’s not always practical or affordable. One of the quickest types of fences to install is also one of the least expensive. Let OPE help you learn about the costs of in-ground dog fencing and how to install the right one for your yard […]

Echo CS-4010

ECHO CS-4010 Chainsaw

The ECHO CS-4010 Helps Homeowners Cut Like Pros So often, people focus on ECHO’s blowers, and with good reason. After all, the brand has long been a trailblazer with such tools, going back to its creation of the world’s first backpack blower in 1975 (the ECHO PB-9). Then again, they have quite a history with […]