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You really can’t do lawn care without a good string trimmer. We focus our string trimmer reviews on cut quality, cutting speed, features, and more. For battery-powered models, run-time is a huge consideration, and string capacity plays a role as well. Comparative reviews like our best battery powered string trimmer roundup, make for our favorite testing methods. String trimmers start with handheld tools (gas powered or battery powered) used for walking and trimming small areas of grass. Battery-powered models have begun to really compete well with gas models for straight trimming jobs. Going up in scale, we also cover wheeled push models suitable for larger areas. These use larger and wider string to cut more grass at once. String Trimmer Reviews Professionals look to our string trimmer reviews to see if battery powered models can compete with gas. We also make sure to address run-time and durability issues. Our string trimmer reviews test cutting power and capacity, features, usability, and more.

Ryobi 40V Attachment System

Ryobi 40V Attachment System

Ryobi’s Expand-It System Proves That 10 Attachments Are Better Than One Ryobi’s Expand-It line is quickly becoming a formidable and diverse fleet of cordless outdoor power equipment. An example is the P20160 trim mower. But this isn’t the only attachment-capable model. Other systems make things quick and easy for yard warriors. They eliminate the need […]

Ryobi 3-in-1 Trim Mower

Ryobi P20160 Trim Mower

Ryobi’s 3-in-1 Mower, Trimmer, and Edger is the Swiss Army Knife of OPE As with most everything, we all have our personal opinions. However, one thing that’s difficult to argue with is that Ryobi has some serious chops when it comes to battery-powered equipment. Opened in 1943, the company’s been making power tools since 1968. […]

Husqvarna 525ilst

Husqvarna 525iLST String Trimmer

Husqvarna Cuts the Cord for the Commercial Community For quite some time, many believed that battery-powered outdoor equipment would never go commercial (and a dwindling number still remain under that impression). The reality is that cordless technology isn’t just heading in that direction, it’s already there. You might, for example, point to the Husqvarna 525iLST […]

Stihl FSA 135 R string trimmer

Stihl FSA 135 R String Trimmer Review

Stihl’s Cordless FSA 135 R Breaks Barrier Between Battery Power and Pro Market Battery-powered equipment has been big with homeowners for some time now. Of course, the consumer isn’t cutting a variety of lawns all day, every day, either. Indeed, this has long been the commercial community’s hangup with cordless gear–many Pros simply don’t feel […]

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer Review

The 60TB16 Gives Gas-Powered Trimmers a Run for Their Money Today, battery-powered OPE is arguably better than most of us ever dreamed it could or would be. On that note, Greenworks has long been among those brands at the forefront of the advance. Reviewing one of their many products is perhaps the best way to […]

Craftsman V20 Brushless RP String Trimmer

Craftsman V20 Brushless RP String Trimmer

The CMCST930 Gives Homeowners Features and Control Regardless of whether you’re a lover of cordless OPE, it’s difficult to deny that battery-powered gear has come a long way. In the last few years alone, equipment has hit the market touting better runtimes and higher performance. Apparently, this is the case with the Craftsman V20 Brushless […]

Husqvarna 320iL

Husqvarna 40V Battery-Powered Weed Eater 320iL

Lawn Care Comfort and Performance With Husqvarna’s 320iL String Trimmer Simply put, today’s homeowners are drowning in outdoor power equipment options, enough to make the mere thought of shopping an intimidating prospect. For example, if you’re looking for a cordless string trimmer to help you tackle your weekend yard work, where do you start? A […]

Ridgid 18V String Trimmer

Ridgid 18V Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

Ridgid Gears Up for Spring With Its 18V 14-Inch String Trimmer Over the years, Ridgid has earned a solid reputation for sturdy, dependable power tools native to the workshop and job site environments. They’ve also moved into OPE territory with products like the Ridgid R01201 18V Battery-Powered String Trimmer. Here’s what we found after putting […]