String Trimmer Reviews & Edgers

You really can’t do lawn care without a good string trimmer. That is why we have created comparative reviews for the best trimmers in each category:

Here, you will also find comprehensive reviews for each individual product. We focus our reviews on cut quality, cutting speed, features, and more. For battery-powered models, run-time is a huge consideration, and string capacity plays a role as well. We also make sure to address usability and durability issues. We only recommend what we’d actually use, even if we don’t earn a commission from it. It’s all about giving you a legitimate recommendation and our honest opinion of each product. We’ve been in business since 2008 covering tools, writing reviews, and reporting on industry news in the construction, automotive, and lawn care industries.

milwaukee m18 trimmer kit

Milwaukee M18 Trimmer Kit (2713)

There’s no doubt that Milwaukee makes quality equipment. We’ve tested numerous models, and they’ve proven the company a solid and dependable manufacturer. And, in regard to OPE, it’s always nice to see kits. In this case, we mean those that go beyond (even a little bit) the battery and charger. These are nice options for […]

ryobi electric string trimmer

Ryobi Attachment Capable Electric String Trimmer

Many people are under the impression that corded gear is dead. However, it might surprise some to learn that there is a contingent of yard warriors who haven’t pulled the plug. And to those in that group, we say, it most definitely is possible to find a corded string trimmer that performs well. Indeed, a […]

Stihl FS 70 R Brushcutter

Stihl FS 70 R Trimmer Review

Battery-powered outdoor equipment is taking off. It’s gone further in performance and reliability than most of us expected. Even so, a sizeable population of gas purists still prefer “refilling” over “recharging.” That’s why we had to get our hands on the Stihl FS 70 R string trimmer. Here’s our assessment of the performance, design, and […]

Husqvarna 525ilst

Husqvarna 525iLST String Trimmer Review

For some time now, many have believed that battery-powered outdoor equipment would never go commercial (and a dwindling number remain under that impression). The reality is that cordless technology isn’t just heading in that direction, it’s already there. You might, for example, point to the Husqvarna 525iLST String Trimmer (970551901) as a case in point. […]

ryobi expand-it edger

Ryobi Expand It Edger Review

Ryobi’s Attachment-Capable Edger Defines ‘Flexibility’ We’ve said it time after time here at Battery-powered equipment has come a long way, particularly concerning durability, power, and overall performance. That said, Ryobi has been a player in this evolution for consumer users with all manner of landscapes and yard sizes. And for those with pathways and […]

EGO 56V String trimmer ST1502SA

EGO 56V String Trimmer – ST1502SA

EGO has made a big name for itself as a leader in the battery-powered outdoor equipment market. That’s why John Deere is partnering with them to build its line of cordless gear using EGO batteries. Of course, EGO is still making its own tools, as well, one of which is the EGO 56V String Trimmer […]

Ryobi trim mower

Ryobi 18V Trim Mower Review

Ryobi’s Trimmer, Mower, and Edger is the Swiss Army Knife of OPE As with most everything, we all have our personal opinions. However, it’s hard to deny that Ryobi is an experienced player in the world of cordless equipment. Founded in 1943, the company has been making power tools since 1968. And here we are […]

Cat 60V String Trimmer

Cat 60V String Trimmer

When you hear the brand name “Cat,” you generally think of heavy equipment–front loaders, backhoes, etc. But they’re pretty busy within the handheld outdoor power equipment market as well. For instance, there’s Cat’s 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. But in this article, we’re taking a look at a nice companion tool, the Cat 60V String Trimmer […]