Stihl RZ 760i Zero-Turn Review

stihl rz 760i zero-turn

In the world of outdoor power equipment, Stihl is an icon–no argument about it. Their classic orange and white color scheme immediately brings to mind the sounds of string trimmers, blowers, and, of course, chainsaws. And the brand is no stranger to mowers, either. Yet, that doesn’t mean they’ve done it all. Even a company as experienced as Stihl can have “firsts,” and, in this case, we’re talking about their first commercial-grade zero-turn, the RZ 760i.

Recently, our staff watched with excitement as this milestone on wheels rolled off the trailer. Then, it was time to get down to business. After putting it to the test, here’s what we thought of it.

Stihl RZ 760i Zero-Turn Performance

stihl rz 760i zt

Powering this mower is an 810cc Vanguard engine that puts out 28 horsepower. In terms of speed, you’re looking at 10 mph in forward and 5 mph in reverse.

Right away, our team liked the controls. They were smooth to operate, with very little play in the lap bars. The result is precise and confident control. While these qualities are assets on any zero-turn, they’re especially important on a commercial unit like the RZ 760i; Stihl did well to incorporate them into the design. Indeed, we had no trouble whatsoever maneuvering around obstacles and landscaping.

In terms of cutting, the RZ 760i has three high-mass Marbain hardened blades. Moreover, Stihl gave this ZT a dual-belt drive, which should reduce maintenance costs and extend belt life. So, you could say that the RZ 760i will cut your clients’ grass and your company’s overhead.

Stihl RZ 760i Zero-Turn Highlights

  • Horsepower: 28
  • Displacement: 810cc
  • Top speed: 10 mph (forward), 5 mph (reverse)
  • Cutting height: 1.5-5 in
  • Blades: 3
810cc vanguard engine

Something else that grabbed our attention was that Stihl offers oil guard technology on the Vanguard 810cc model. Here’s how it works.

The magic is in the location of the mower’s 5-quart oil reservoir. Stihl situated it behind the seat, with the idea being that it can air cool and, thus, dissipate heat. In short, this helps to avoid thermal breakdown, lengthening the time between oil changes. We estimate that you’ll see a shift from the typical 100 hours to roughly 500 hours.

Again, the Stihl RZ 760i zero-turn will cut grass and overhead.

And, when it comes time to change the oil, it’ll be a quick and easy job. Just open the drain tube near the bottom of the frame, replace the filter, and refill (15W-50 synthetic oil).

Cutting Performance

So far, we’ve covered a lot of features that impressed our staff. But what about cutting performance? Naturally, they had an opinion on that, too.

For their field tests, they put the Stihl RZ 760i zero-turn to work on a moderately overgrown mixture of St. Augustine and Bahiagrass. With the deck set at 3.5 inches, the mower performed beautifully, providing a clean, even cut – true commercial quality.

stihl zt cutting quality

But perhaps most impressive was the mower’s power. Even when riding at 10 miles per hour, it maintained RPMs and, thus, cut quality.

However, this was just the first part of the field test. Next, we put the RZ 760i up against a nearby pasture with grass that, in some places, was nearly 12 inches high.

This time, we set the blades at 5 inches, and darned if the mower didn’t handle the job quite well. Even though this cut wasn’t as smooth as the one we got in the first phase of testing, there was also a substantial difference in growth.

Stihl RZ 760i Zero-Turn Design

Stihl RZ 760i Zero-Turn Design

Our staff liked a number of things about this mower’s design.

For one, it sports a plush, high-back seat and two folding armrests. Most notable was how the seat essentially “wraps” around the operator’s torso, holding him in place.

Although we’re talking about a zero-turn here, Stihl made sure to give the RZ 760i some creature comforts that, years ago, you would have found mainly in cars. For example, this mower features cupholders and two 3.15-amp USB ports for charging mobile devices.

stihl zero-turn suspension system

Something else that stood out about this model was how comfortable the ride was. This is largely due to the premium adjustable front and rear coil-over shocks.

Plain and simple, they provide an incredibly smooth riding experience, especially when traveling at top speed. We generally mowed between 7 and 10 mph, including while covering bumpy, uneven terrain.

Key Specs

  • Model: Stihl RZ 760i
  • Engine: Vanguard EFI with Oil Guard
  • Deck Width: 60 in
  • Fuel Capacity: 11 gal
  • Deck Construction: 10 gauge (fabricated)
  • Weight: 1,406 lbs
10-gauge mower deck

The mower’s construction also measures up to commercial-grade standards. Stihl equipped the RZ 760i zero-turn with a robust 10-guage deck. Moreover, there’s a 10-gauge doubler in the spindle area and half-inch reinforcement plates on the leading edge.

All of this equals durability and longevity.

The Bottom Line

After putting Stihl’s RZ 760i zero-turn up against some serious obstacles like foot-high grass, we have no reservations about giving it our stamp of approval. From the 810cc Vanguard engine to the superlative suspension system and 10-gauge deck construction, this is a commercial-grade mower through and through.

What’s more, we appreciate how Stihl kept its customers’ business interests in mind, incorporating features that minimize maintenance costs and downtime.

If you’re in the market for a Pro ZT, put this model at the top of your list.


  • Excellent cutting power
  • Smooth ride
  • Increased service interval
  • Responsive controls
  • Comfortable
  • Made in the USA


  • No notable drawbacks

Stihl RZ 760i Zero-Turn Price

The RZ 760i sells for $13,999 and comes with a 3-year or 1,500-hour warranty, whichever comes first.

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