Ryobi 1000W Power Source

ryobi 1000w power source

Whether you’re working or playing, being outside doesn’t mean you have to rough it without electricity. I mean, let’s face it. Power is a necessity in an age where practically everything has a battery. If you’re on the job site, you’ve got to keep your lithium-ion packs charging. When tailgating, you have a pre-game show to stream. And, if you’re camping in the heat and humidity, break out the portable AC and plug it in …, but to what? One option might be the new Ryobi 80V 1000W power source (RY80BG02).

Will this model give you the juice you need for your outings? Let’s dive into the performance and design features behind this tool and see.

Ryobi 1000W Power Source Performance

Up front, it bears noting that Ryobi has done a nice job keeping its tools cross-compatible (no matter what voltage). In this case, the RY80BG02 is part of the brand’s 80V system.

Of course, the most important factor here is what this unit can generate. And when considering the utility of a power source, you have two numbers.


  • Model: Ryobi RY80BG02
  • Battery: 80V
  • Start-up Wattage: 1,800
  • Running Wattage: 1,000
  • Outlets: (1) USB-C port, (2) USB-A ports, and (2) 120V outlets
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs

First, there’s the start-up wattage. In this case, that’s 1800W; the initial jolt that gets a piece of equipment going.

ryobi 80V 1000w power source

Then there’s what we call the running wattage, which is what the tool generates during normal operation. As its name suggests, the Ryobi power source gives you a 1000W running output.

So, based on these numbers, what can you do with the RY80BG02?

According to Ryobi, the list is extensive. Specifically, they tell us that you can run everything from TVs, lights, and refrigerators to laptops and portable AC units. Naturally, you can also charge your mobile devices.

That said, many of these electronics are sensitive, which means you need a system that can generate “clean” power. With pure sine wave technology, you get precisely that, plus zero emissions and quiet operation.

Ryobi 1000W Power Source Design

ryobi RY80BG02

In terms of design, the RY80BG02 has a few notable aspects.

For one, you have a respectable selection of outlets. These include one USB-C port, two USB-A ports, and two 120V outlets.

Moreover, if you have one of Ryobi’s 80V lawn tractors , then you’ll probably like something else about the 1000W power source. Specifically, you can connect the RY80BG02 directly to the tractor’s charge port. This will enable you to access the runtime of all three 80V batteries.

In short, that means you’ll have uninterrupted power, which will be particularly handy during a prolonged event like a power outage.

Looking for something bigger? Check out our Best Inverter Generators and Best Backup Generators for Home Use lists!

Ryobi RY80BG02 Price

The Ryobi 1000W power source will retail as a bare tool for $279.

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