Kobalt 80V Max Blower

kobalt 80v max blower

Since joining the editorial staff at both OPE and Pro Tool Reviews, I’ve had my hands on a lot of lawn equipment. That certainly goes for leaf blowers. That said, Kobalt is among those brands that have come up winners in my experience. Indeed, when I reviewed the 40V Max (KLB 1040A-03), I had a lot of good things to say. That was especially the case with its weight and balance. Well, here we are again, this time with the current iteration of the Kobalt 80V Max blower (KHB 2580-06).

While I haven’t yet put this one to the test, the specs are nonetheless impressive. So, let’s jump into this tool and see what it can do.

Kobalt 80V Max Blower Performance

The KHB 2580-06’s power plant consists of a high-efficiency brushless motor and the brand’s 80V Max 2.5Ah battery.

This model generates respectable power for a handheld unit. Specifically, we’re talking about blowing forces of up to 140 miles per hour and 630 CFM.

kobalt KHB 2580-06


Now, I’d like to see how many Newtons this thing puts out. However, the numbers that Kobalt has provided tell a good portion of the 80V Max blower’s story.

Although 140 mph is nothing to sneeze at, other handheld blowers surpass that by some 30+ mph. It’s enough to remove stubborn wet debris, but it may have to work at it a little.

On the other hand, the 80V Max blower’s 630 CFM rating is another story; I think Kobalt has achieved something here. This will create plenty of volume, which means you’ll be able to cover ample swaths of ground. In short, you’ll work more efficiently.

When you add to this a 75-minute runtime, you’ve got a solid outdoor cleanup solution for roughly a quarter of an acre–maybe a tad more.

Kobalt 80V Max Blower Design

kobalt 80v max cordless blower

When it comes to design, there are a lot of facets we could spend time talking about, but it’s the KHB 2580-06’s weight that truly stands out.

When I reviewed its 40V sibling, I was thrilled with the feel and maneuverability of its 12.92 pounds. The Kobalt 80V Max blower is roughly 4 pounds lighter than that!

For the weekend lawn warrior or a guy like me who is just plain OCD about everything inside and outside the house, this is an asset. If you push this unit to its 75-minute runtime limit, your arm likely won’t be feeling it.

Now that I’ve shouted that from the proverbial highest mountain, I’d also like to give a shout-out to the variable speed trigger and cruise control dial, which help make your work outings more productive.

Interested in more models? Check out our Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews list!

Kobalt KHB 2580-06 Price

The Kobalt 80V Max Blower retails as a kit for $269 and comes with a 2.5Ah battery, a charger, and a 5-year warranty.

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