DeWalt 60V Top-Handle Chainsaw

dewalt top-handle chainsaw

Many in the landscaping industry (including us folks on the media side) have long been skeptical about the practicality of cordless OPE. But things have come a long way, and both Pros and consumers are beginning to embrace the move to gas alternatives like the DeWalt 60V FlexVolt Top-Handle Chainsaw (DCCS674X2). Recently, we put this tool to the test to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Here’s what we thought of it.


  • Fast chain speed ramp-up
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Well balanced
  • Metal bucking spikes
  • Tether ready for working at height
  • Excellent chain speed


  • Toolless tensioning would be nice in the future
  • Price tag is a little higher than the competition

DeWalt FlexVolt Top-Handle Chainsaw Performance

dewalt flexvolt 60v top-handle chainsaw
  • No-Load Speed: 23.6 m/s
  • Gas Equivalent: 40.9 cc
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8 in.
  • Chain Gauge: 0.05
  • Max Torque: 6.6 Nm

Starting with the power plant, the DCCS674X2 runs on a brushless motor and a 60V (9.0Ah) battery. Together, they drive the saw’s 0.050 gauge chain at speeds up to 23.6 m/s. That performance is about what we’d expect to see from a 14-inch top-handle model.

Incidentally, this saw uses a 3/8-pitch Oregon chain, which you can find at most leading hardware stores.

dewalt DCCS674X2

One thing we noticed during our test runs was how responsive the trigger is. And, on that note, the saw quickly reached peak speeds, and it showed in its performance. It had no trouble tearing through thick logs.

dewalt flexvolt chainsaw battery

Now, the Pro arborists out there know how valuable a top-handle design is when working aloft. Well, we feel comfortable saying that DeWalt has produced a chainsaw that can effectively replace your gas-driven top-handle gear.

For one, you can say goodbye to the pull cord, not to mention the dreaded question: Will it start? It’s also a solid option for storm cleanup and tree maintenance.

DeWalt FlexVolt Top-Handle Chainsaw Design

dewalt top-handle chainsaw
  • Model: DeWalt DCCS674
  • Power Source: DeWalt 60V FlexVolt battery
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs. (bare), 11.1 lbs. (with 9.0Ah FlexVolt battery)
  • Bar Length: 14 in.
  • Tool Length: 26 in.

Right away, we liked the DCCS674’s balance and overall feel. It was maneuverable and generally easy to handle, especially when you take into account the additional side-handle grip.

Furthermore, it’s relatively lightweight at just a hair over 11 pounds with the battery attached.


That said, we would like to see DeWalt add toolless tensioning to future iterations of this top-handle chainsaw.

As things stand, their design team takes a somewhat traditional approach to the tensioning process.

On this unit, you start by loosening the captured bar nut using the kitted scrench. Turn the tensioner screw to tighten up the chain. Once the chain is tight, tighten down the bar nut, and you’re all set.

The good news is that DeWalt regains points for including metal bucking spikes. In our opinion, metal is the only way to go, as plastic simply isn’t capable of biting into the wood while making cuts.

Additional Features

  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Electronic chain brake
  • Metal D-ring tether point

The Final Word

DeWalt’s 60V FlexVolt chainsaw can definitely hold its own against competing top-handle models. It’s a fast cutter, and, overall, yields gas-equivalent performance.

DeWalt 60V Top-Handle Chainsaw Price

The DCCS674 retails bare for $499. It’s also available as a kit for $749 and comes with two 9.0Ah batteries and a charger.

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