Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Husqvarna 525ilst

Husqvarna 525iLST String Trimmer Review

For some time now, many have believed that battery-powered outdoor equipment would never go commercial (and a dwindling number remain under that impression). The reality is that cordless technology isn’t just heading in that direction, it’s already there. You might, for example, point to the Husqvarna 525iLST String Trimmer (970551901) as a case in point. […]

husqvarna 300 series snow blower

Husqvarna 300 Series Snow Blowers Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on July 6, 2023, that Husqvarna has recalled several models of residential snow blowers. Due to a malfunction that poses safety hazards, this recall applies to the Husqvarna 300 Series Snow Blowers, and more specifically, model numbers ST 324, ST 327, and ST 330. Husqvarna 300 Series Snow Blowers […]

Husqvarna Z560LS commercial mower

Husqvarna Z560LS Commercial Mower

Husqvarna’s Commercial Zero-Turn Has Features Fit for a Pro Husqvarna is unquestionably on point with its OPE lineups. From blowers and trimmers to chainsaws and protective gear, they are hitting on all cylinders within the realms of gas and battery. This certainly goes for their zero-turn fleet, which brings us to the Husqvarna Z560LS commercial […]

Husqvarna products

Husqvarna Spring Products Showcase

OPE Visits Husqvarna’s North Carolina HQ for an Exclusive Tour I’m not sure what it is about spring 2023, but it seems as though outdoor power tool manufacturers are especially bullish on product line development. Husqvarna is among those brands leading the pack (not surprising considering that they’ve been making various forms of equipment for […]

Husqvarna Hedge Master 320iHD60

Husqvarna Hedge Master 320iHD60

High-Performance Features and 40V Power to Shape Your Shrubs Husqvarna is typically on point with its product line development, and this applies to the consumer, Prosumer, and Pro markets. From push and riding mowers to chainsaws and safety gear, they do well with expanding and updating their fleet of outdoor power equipment. One member of […]

husqvarna x-com active

Husqvarna X-COM Active Communication System

The X-COM Active Takes Communications to the Next Level When you’re working as a team, high in the trees, communication is everything. It’s also difficult to do when your teammates are spread across a worksite and, what’s more, when you’re all running power equipment. This is precisely the challenge that the Husqvarna X-COM Active communication […]

Husqvarna lawn xpert

Husqvarna Lawn Xpert Battery-Powered Mower

The LE-322R Gives Homeowners Enhanced Performance and Design A worthy competitor in the electric OPE market, Husqvarna has added a 40V model to its battery-powered walk-behind lineup. The Husqvarna LE-322R Lawn Xpert Mower is part of an effort to advance the brand’s electric lawn mower formula by way of performance and design enhancements. With that […]

dielectric pole saw

Husqvarna Battery-Powered MADSAW Electrical Pole Saw

Husqvarna 525iDEPS Achieves a First for Pole Saws Outdoor work near live power lines can be really satisfying, but it can also be dangerous. That’s why safety is always a factor when designing any kind of OPE for use in these environments. Husqvarna had this in mind when it launched its 525iDEPS MADSAW electrical (dielectric) […]