Best Trimmers and Edgers Reviews 2023: Prosumer

Best Trimmers and Edgers

When putting the finishing touches on a mowing job, string trimmers and edgers are dominant tools. In recent years, we’ve seen many high-performance models that don’t necessarily qualify as totally commercial products. However, they don’t fit neatly in the residential category either. So, the industry created a designation that straddles both–Prosumer. If you’re looking for premium features but don’t need a full commercial build, we can help narrow your search. To steer you in the right direction, our team has assembled a list of the best trimmers and edgers.

Without further ado, here they are.

Best Trimmers and Edgers: Battery

Certainly, the cordless market is a competitive one, so our staff dug through the weeds and found several models. Here’s the battery-powered gear that stood out to us.

Best Battery String Trimmer–Power

Husqvarna 525iLST String Trimmer 970551901

husqvarna 525ilst

One factor that we always consider for our best trimmers and edgers lists is power. Accordingly, we chose the Husqvarna 525iLST to represent the cordless class.

When we put this trimmer to the test on the OPE proving ground, it impressed us from the get-go. Based on our assessment, this tool is closer to professional than consumer.

For one, it operates on a beefy 36V (9.4Ah) battery. And to get the most out of your battery, the 970551901 has a 3-speed mode that allows you to maximize your runtime by adjusting the power.

Husqvarna 525ilst most powerful battery string trimmer

What’s more, it runs like it has a luxury car engine–smooth and confident. In fact, its confidence also applies to its cutting ability. We were able to tackle dense, brush-like patches as well as areas with normal post-mowing growth.

Husqvarna scored a hit with this model, which is why it secured a spot on our Best Trimmers and Edgers list.

Price: $399.99 (bare)

Best Brushless Edger–Pro-Worthy Motor and Cut

Ryobi Expand It Edger RY40226-EDG

ryobi RY40226-EDG best trimmers and edgers

If you’ve got sidewalks, walkways, or patios, then an edger is a tool you should have in your shed or garage. That said, Ryobi’s Expand It Edger is a worthy example.

While many would place this unit in the consumer bracket, our team’s experience says otherwise. Frankly, we think this tool fits nicely in the Prosumer landscape.

A brushless motor drives the Expand It, and this unit runs very smoothly. The quiet whir of the motor was striking.

In truth, we reviewed the Ryobi P20160 18V Trim Mower, and, as well as it performed, our main suggestion was to exchange the brushed motor for a brushless one. The performance of the RY40226-EDG emphasizes why that’s the right move.

best ryobi edger

Likewise, the battery performed well, stayed cool, kept a charge, and charged quickly after a solid workout.

And last but not least, cutting required minimal effort and its adjustable 8-inch blade held up admirably. The end result was a beautiful, crisp edge that emphasized the lawn’s lush appearance. The fact that it takes attachments from multiple brands is an added bonus.

Price: $268 (kit)

Best Cordless Edger–Overall Performance

Greenworks 60V Edger 2700103VT

best greenworks battery edger

When it comes to an edger, some users prefer a dedicated tool over an attachment system. Greenworks has both options. Testing the standalone Greenworks 60V edger gave us a chance to see how it compared to the version with the brushless motor at the powerhead.

The tool weighs just 10.5 pounds without the battery and 13.4 pounds with the kitted 2.0Ah pack. Overall, this Greenworks 60V model wasn’t cumbersome.

best edgers for overall performance

Moreover, we thought the controls were ergonomically situated, and the variable speed trigger helped to fine-tune the cutting experience. And speaking of cutting, the 2700103VT powered through overgrown areas with ease.

We also thought it exhibited low vibration and, in our estimate, performed equivalent to what you might expect from a 30cc engine.

So, if you like the idea of a dedicated edger, we think this tool will provide years of solid service.

Price: $299.99 (kit)

Not sure what size string trimmer line to use? OPE is here to help! And we also have answers to questions about why string trimmer line length is important.

Best Trimmers and Edgers: Gas

Despite battery’s rising popularity, it’s unlikely that gas power will become obsolete any time soon. Actually, many purists prefer it. If you’re in that group, this section’s for you.

Best Gas String Trimmer–Power

Stihl FS 70 R String Trimmer 4144 200 0137

best string trimmers stihl fs 70 r

Stihl’s FS 70 R shines for many of the same reasons as Husqvarna’s cordless model.

During our tests, the first thing that stood out was the power of its 27.2cc engine. Notably, we also reviewed the FS 56 RC-E, which, like the 70 R, has a 27.2cc engine. Nonetheless, the latter still had more oomph.

best trimmers and edgers

Furthermore, we found the FS 70 R comparatively quiet, yet an aggressive cutter. Tearing through heavy brush was no problem, and, likewise, it breezed through basic trimming tasks.

Finally, this tool is lightweight, well-balanced, and capable of both residential and light commercial work. In short, we think that the Stihl FS 70 R is among the best gas models in the world of trimmers and edgers.

Price: $319.99

Best Gas String Trimmer–Heavy Cutting

Echo X-Series Brushcutter SRM-2620U

echo SRM-2620U brushcutter

Brushcutters are essential members of the string trimmer universe, as moderately thick grass isn’t the only lawn and landscaping obstacle you’ll face. Sometimes tasks involve clearing dense foliage, which means you need a tool that stands out for its heavy cutting ability. That’s the SRM-2620U.

Echo gave this model a 25.4cc professional-grade engine, which makes this unit suitable for both demanding residential jobs and commercial-level work. With the throttle wide open, you’ll get up to 11,000 RPM, and that’s enough muscle to get through serious overgrowth.

SRM-2620U features

Moreover, this tool’s 17-inch cutting swath helps to efficiently take care of business.

And finally, the Echo X-Series Brushcutter is lightweight but still strong enough to endure wear and tear. In summary, this tool is worthy of its place on the Best Trimmers and Edgers list. Indeed, it also made it onto our Best String Trimmer Reviews list.

Price: $419.99

Best Gas Trimmer–Overall Power and Performance

Honda 4-Stroke HHT35SLTA

honda 4 stroke string trimmer

Honda is a household name with a reputation for quality. They make a host of products, and nearly all of them are well-made. This includes the HHT35SLTA, which, in our tests, demonstrated strong overall power and performance.

Let’s start with the engine itself. At 35.8cc, it’s no wonder this unit ranked on our list for power.

On top of that, we were quite pleased to get our hands on a trimmer with a 4-stroke engine. This means you don’t have the hassle of messing around with oil additives. That also equals a little less stink, which we generally associate with a 2-stroke oil-and-gas mixture.


Moreover, this trimmer easily fired up–no surprise for a Honda.

Another aspect worth noting is ergonomics. Despite its heavy 16-pound weight, our team was pretty much in agreement that this trimmer is well-balanced and comfortable. The handles have overmolding, and, together with the trimmer’s flex shaft, it offers noticeable shock absorption.

Additionally, its 22-ounce gas tank gave us plenty of trimming time before refills.

And while the HHT35SLTA leans to the commercial side, it’s still a trimmer that would interest the Prosumer.

Price: $489

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