how to protect plants from desert frost

How to Protect Plants from Frost During the Cold Desert Nights

From scorching hot days to cold desert nights, gardening in the Southwest presents unique challenges. Learning how to protect plants from frost is a critical skill for winter gardening in a desert-like climate.  How Plants Fare During Winter in Deserts Whether growing a vegetable or flower garden, you must take a strategic approach to gardening […]

how to overwinter vegetable gardens

How to Overwinter Vegetable Gardens in the Pacific Northwest

Before you put your wheelbarrow away, discover how to overwinter your vegetable garden. In the Pacific Northwest, there are many ways to extend your growing season and enjoy a fruitful harvest throughout the winter months. What Is Overwintering? In gardening terms, overwintering is the process that you use to protect plants from harsh winter conditions. […]

how to fertilize your lawn in the fall

How to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall: Tips for Southern Gardeners

Once temperatures drop in the fall, Southern lawns take a break. After solid growth during the hot summer months, the warm-season grasses in your lawn need a boost of nutrients. Learn how to fertilize your lawn in the fall with our fertilizer guide. What is Lawn Fertilization? Lawns require a lot of nutrients to stay […]

protecting your garden with cover crops

Protecting Your Garden with Cover Crops

Cover crops for gardens are becoming more popular and can be used on any size garden. Discover the benefits of Midwest cover crops and learn how to choose the best ones for protecting your garden.  First, What are Cover Crops? Throughout history, farmers have used cover crops to add nutrients to their soil and stabilize […]

preparing plants for winter in the midwest

Preparing Plants for Winter in the Midwest: A How-To Guide

As fall turns to winter in the Midwest, many gardeners look forward to a few months of quiet reflection. However, until you put the garden to bed, you have work to do. Discover how preparing your plants for winter in the Midwest will make it easier to get a jump on the growing season when […]

pruning trees in midwest winter

Pruning Trees in Midwest Winter: A 2023-2024 Guide

Dormant pruning trees in winter is a common practice among professional arborists and experienced gardeners. Winter is the best time for pruning your trees in the Midwest, and many yard enthusiasts look forward to this chore because it signals that spring is just around the corner. Introduction to Tree Pruning Learn more about what pruning […]

salt free deicer alternatives

Salt Free Deicer Alternatives That Protect Your Lawn and Yard

Environmentally conscious homeowners are switching to salt-free ice melt for a variety of reasons. Learn about the ecological impacts of salt-based deicers and how using environmentally friendly salt free deicer alternatives is better for your Northeast yard and garden. What is Salt-Free Deicing? Most deicers found online and in retail locations around the Northeastern United […]

how to overwinter perennials

How to Overwinter Perennials in Pots, Containers, or Beds

Northeast winters are long and harsh, and there’s a lot to do before the snow flies. Even though it might seem like you don’t have time for everything, it pays to take a day to winterize your herb garden and prepare perennials for winter. Learn how to overwinter perennials to enjoy healthy herbs in the […]