how to stop animals from digging in your yard

How to Stop Animals from Digging in Your Yard

If your yard looks like a construction zone or battlefield due to the persistent digging of critters, it’s time to learn how to stop them in their tracks. Find out how to stop animals from digging in your yard with these tips and tricks. Why Animals Might Be Digging in Your Yard The first step […]

how to protect plants from desert frost

How to Protect Plants from Frost During the Cold Desert Nights

From scorching hot days to cold desert nights, gardening in the Southwest presents unique challenges. Learning how to protect plants from frost is a critical skill for winter gardening in a desert-like climate.  How Plants Fare During Winter in Deserts Whether growing a vegetable or flower garden, you must take a strategic approach to gardening […]

how to overwinter vegetable gardens

How to Overwinter Vegetable Gardens in the Pacific Northwest

Before you put your wheelbarrow away, discover how to overwinter your vegetable garden. In the Pacific Northwest, there are many ways to extend your growing season and enjoy a fruitful harvest throughout the winter months. What Is Overwintering? In gardening terms, overwintering is the process that you use to protect plants from harsh winter conditions. […]

pruning trees in midwest winter

Pruning Trees in Midwest Winter: A 2023-2024 Guide

Dormant pruning trees in winter is a common practice among professional arborists and experienced gardeners. Winter is the best time for pruning your trees in the Midwest, and many yard enthusiasts look forward to this chore because it signals that spring is just around the corner. Introduction to Tree Pruning Learn more about what pruning […]

how to protect shrubs from winter burn

How to Protect Shrubs and Evergreens from Winter Burn

In the Northeastern United States, most amateur and professional gardeners have experienced the damaging effects of winter burn on their evergreen trees and shrubs. Learning how to protect shrubs from winter burn can help you avoid this common problem.  What is Winter Burn? When an evergreen tree or shrub loses more water than it can […]

snow blowing tips

Snow Blowing Tips and Tricks: A Guide for Beginners

Whether you’re new to snow blowing or an old pro, these snow blowing tips and tricks will make your job easier. Learn how to use a snow blower efficiently and safely with this comprehensive guide, including everything from purchasing and maintaining your snow blower to avoiding common mistakes. The Importance of Snow Blowing in Winter […]

water fountain cost

Water Fountain Costs: Making an Informed Investment

Inside or out, there’s almost no faster way to change the atmosphere of your space than by adding a water fountain. Discover the different types available and learn more about the average water fountain cost. This will help you select the one that’s right for you.  Understanding the Cost of Water Fountains The average water […]

mulch costs

How Much Does Mulch Cost for Various Yard Sizes?

The average mulch cost is $35 to $70 per cubic yard, including delivery and installation. Because landscaping mulch is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the aesthetics of your property, it’s a worthwhile investment.  Factors in Calculating Mulch Costs Explore the various factors that influence the cost of mulch, from the type of mulch […]