Manufacturer: Echo

echo cs-4920 chainsaw

ECHO CS-4920 Chainsaw Review

ECHO’s chainsaws have long been fierce competition for rival brands. Over the last 50 years, they’ve earned a reputation as powerful, high-performance tools that cater to the full spectrum of OPE consumers. This is especially true of their 50cc models, which are popular not only for performance but also for their size and weight characteristics. […]

echo eforce chainsaw

ECHO eFORCE Chainsaw DCS-2500TN

Not long ago, we traveled to ECHO’s Illinois-based headquarters for a summit about upcoming product releases. The long-time leader in outdoor power equipment has been busy expanding their lineup. This includes everything from blowers and string trimmers to edgers and chainsaws. Indeed, we had a second opportunity to see them again at this year’s Equip […]

echo shred n vac

ECHO Shred N Vac Leaf Blower (ES-250AA)

Most OPE manufacturers have a specific type of equipment that defines their identity among homeowners and Pros alike. For ECHO, that tool is the leaf blower. In our opinion, this puts them in a strong position. After all, consumer research stats show that an estimated 150 million Americans own at least one leaf blower. And […]

echo eforce series

Echo eForce Series Reviews 2024

While ECHO made its mark with gas-powered OPE, they’re also putting a lot of work into developing their cordless gear. This includes the company’s eFORCE cordless platform. In fact, our staff flew out to their headquarters in Lake Zurich, Ill., where they unveiled the 2024 ECHO eFORCE series. And to our delight, we had the […]

echo pb 2520 blower

Echo PB 2520 Blower

Echo is a huge name in the world of leaf blowers. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we like what we see here. In fact, we think the Echo PB 2520 blower has a lot to offer in terms of features and design, especially for the price. That’s why it earned a spot […]

ECHO pb-265ln backpack blower

The PB-265LN Backpack Blower Review

For many reasons, 1975 was a good year, especially for ECHO. Indeed, the company was doing some serious work. You know, developing the world’s first backpack blower? The PB-9 forever changed the ergonomics of blower technology. It transferred the weight and strain from the operator’s wrist, arm, and elbow, and balanced them on the shoulders, […]

Echo X-Series Brushcutter

Echo X-Series Brushcutter

Especially if you have a big property or a lot that backs up to fields or woods, you’ve at least thought of getting a brushcutter. Even with a powerful trimmer, tall grass and thick brush can become too much to handle, bogging down the motor or tangling with the cutting head. That’s where a tool […]

Echo CS-4010

ECHO CS-4010 Chainsaw

The ECHO CS-4010 Helps Homeowners Cut Like Pros So often, people focus on ECHO’s blowers, and with good reason. After all, the brand has long been a trailblazer with such tools, going back to its creation of the world’s first backpack blower in 1975 (the ECHO PB-9). Then again, they have quite a history with […]