Best Time to Buy Lawn Care Tools

best time to buy lawn care tools

Just about all of us need outdoor power equipment for our lawn care obligations. And, whether we like it or not, eventually you’ll need to either upgrade to better tools or replace broken ones. Knowing the best time to buy lawn care tools can be a real money saver.

Here are some good times to shop and buy so that you can keep more cash in your wallet.

Best Time to Buy Residential Lawn Care Tools

There are two parts of the year when it’s the best time to buy residential lawn care tools. One is Spring Black Friday, which generally falls in mid to late April.

Naturally, this particular Friday isn’t as big a deal as its post-Thanksgiving counterpart. Nonetheless, it’s important to your OPE arsenal. And you can thank Home Depot for it, who started the tradition a few years ago. However, several major retailers “celebrate” the holiday, thus making it one of the best times to buy lawn care tools.

In terms of equipment, the list of products is pretty expansive. It includes gas, electric, and battery-powered gear. Many hand tools are also usually on sale.

best time to buy residential lawn care tools

But, not surprisingly, the second-best time to upgrade is Black Friday/Cyber Week. Overall, these deal events tend to center around battery-powered OPE given that it’s a tech-heavy shopping season.

That said, you can still find sales on both gas and electric models. And, while they’re not hen’s teeth, they’re also not as widespread as the spring offerings, either.

Another pointer is to keep your eyes peeled for seasonal deals. For instance, the best time to be on the lookout for lawn tools like leaf blowers/vacs and chainsaws is when autumn yard care is in progress. Likewise, look for lawn tractors and zero-turns in the spring (probably earlier than later).

Come November, snow blowers are prime tools that will likely be on sale.

Best Time to Buy Commercial Equipment

best time to buy lawn care tools and equipment

If you’re a lawn service professional, you should know that Pro dealers have a different business model than residential retailers. So, the best time to buy commercial lawn care tools is different as well.

Attending industry trade shows is one way. There’s Equip Expo in October, Elevate in September, and Lawn and Landscape in late July or early August. Regardless, many brands run exclusive specials at these events, especially if you’re willing and able to buy right then and there.

equip expo

Furthermore, remember to keep sales cycles in mind.

Many Pros replace their gear at the close of the mowing season, making November a good time to hunt for deals. As competition increases, so do sales that are meant to attract customers.

Combined with trade shows, fall and early winter tend to be the best times to find deals on commercial lawn care tools.

Unlike the residential market, commercial equipment buyers are well-advised to build relationships with local service dealers. In addition to keeping your equipment running, they frequently give their loyal customers a discount when a replacement is necessary.

Regardless of the time of year, sometimes that relationship can be more valuable than holding out for a sale.

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