Manufacturer: Ryobi

ryobi crosscut push mower

Ryobi CrossCut Push Mower

Ryobi has long been at the top of its game with electric tools. This is particularly the case when it comes to cordless OPE for the residential market. Based on our experience, their fleet is among the industry’s most comprehensive, covering a wide range of solutions–especially for lawn care. Take, for instance, the Ryobi CrossCut […]

Ryobi charger and maintainer

Ryobi Battery Charger and Maintainer

They go by several names: trickle chargers, drip chargers, and Ryobi’s Battery Charger and Maintainer (AC0i2001). The latter is one of the latest examples of these tools, which are more important than many people realize. If you’ve got a piece of gear that gets its spark from a battery, then you most likely need one […]

Ryobi 24 inch hedge trimmer

Ryobi 24 Inch Hedge Trimmer

When we picture a beautifully manicured yard, we often focus on lush, emerald grass. But your gardens play a huge part in your home’s appearance, and they’re not always blossoming flowers. How about a beautiful line of boxwoods? Indeed, neatly shaped greenery adds to the stateliness of your property, giving it an established look and, […]

ryobi 18v compact blower

Ryobi 18V Compact Blower

It’s not often that we come across compact gear here at OPE Reviews. After all, the models we cover and test tend to comprise larger hand-held items or mowing equipment. That’s why, when we got word of the Ryobi 18V Compact Blower (PSBLB01B), the question of doing a product tour was a no-brainer. So, let’s […]

ryobi electric string trimmer

Ryobi Attachment Capable Electric String Trimmer

Many people are under the impression that corded gear is dead. However, it might surprise some to learn that there is a contingent of yard warriors who haven’t pulled the plug. And to those in that group, we say, it most definitely is possible to find a corded string trimmer that performs well. Indeed, a […]

ryobi 2300 psi electric pressure washer

Ryobi 2300 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

While plenty of gas-powered equipment devotees are out in the field going strong, electric models are quickly building a fan base of their own. In fact, the overall performance and reliability of electric tools have, in recent years, given their petrol equivalents a run for their money. That’s true of nearly every type of outdoor […]

Ryobi foldable solar panel

Ryobi Foldable Solar Panel Soaks Up the Sun

Drive through just about any neighborhood and you’ll probably see at least one home with solar panels. Heck, we have a nearby church with a sprawling setup. As an aside, they configured it so it forms a cross in the middle. Pretty cool, right? Well, they’re not just on top of buildings. They’re also portable, […]

ryobi kinetic log splitter

Ryobi Kinetic Log Splitter a Worldwide Cordless First

Whether you felled a tree with your chainsaw or Mother Nature did it herself, you’ve got some work on your hands. Indeed, the sound of it crashing to the ground merely signals the beginning of your tasks. After you’ve sliced that trunk into coin-shaped chunks, it’s time to split them into quarters. And that’s where […]