Log Splitter Reviews

Our log splitter reviews evaluate products to determine if they save time and money by splitting logs efficiently and quickly for Pros and property owners. We test both gas and hydraulic log splitters ranging in size from 5-ton to over 40-ton splitters. Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews tests using real-world methods coupled with scientific methods to determine power and efficiency. Log Splitter Reviews Reviewing log splitters allows us to cover horizontal and vertical models to evaluate the durability of the hardened steel wedge and other mechanical components. Some models are even convertible between vertical and horizontal orientations. We also ensure that the motor size matches the log splitter’s recommended power and usage. Finally, our log splitter reviews look for features like adequate log cradles, durable tires, and short cycle times to ensure tools perform efficiently. For smaller applications, we also review hydraulic log splitters to see if these mechanical tools can hold up for lower yield applications.

dk2 elite energy line

DK2 Elite Energy Line

One of the great things about OPE journalism is watching companies grow. So often, a manufacturer’s backstory adds context to news about a product or series. For instance, DK2 has come a long way since it started as a small business run out of a basement. Three generations later, they’re still at it, and they […]

ryobi kinetic log splitter

Ryobi Kinetic Log Splitter a Worldwide Cordless First

Whether you felled a tree with your chainsaw or Mother Nature did it herself, you’ve got some work on your hands. Indeed, the sound of it crashing to the ground merely signals the beginning of your tasks. After you’ve sliced that trunk into coin-shaped chunks, it’s time to split them into quarters. And that’s where […]

Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter

Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter

Earthquake Showcases Convenience Features With New 5-Ton Log Splitter Announced and showcased at the recent National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, the new Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter looks to make a tedious chore into a more convenient affair for those in the rural, residential, and light commercial markets. It comes fully equipped with two side […]

Dirty Hand Tools 35 ton log splitter

Dirty Hand Tools 35 Ton Log Splitter Horizontal – Vertical

Whether you have fallen timber or you need fire wood, having a log splitter at your disposal is a huge asset. The year is still new and old man winter is already grasping the nation with low temps and precipitation of many sorts. Splitting wood manually to fire the stove or fireplace is not something […]

Cub Cadet Log Splitter

The Cub Cadet LS 27 CC HP Log Splitter

Looking for a log-splitting solution that you can tote around on the back of your truck? Take a look at another one of Cub Cadet’s offerings to the world of portable lumberjacking, the Cub Cadet LS 27 CC HP Log Splitter. This model fits somewhere in the middle of Cub Cadet’s lineup of log splitters. […]

Yardmax Log Splitters Gas - Electric Models

Yardmax Log Splitters Gas & Electric Models

Fall is arriving in most of the country and that means winter is right around the corner. It’s time to get serious about splitting your firewood and we’d rather not do that with an axe if we can help it. Yardmax is a new brand in town, formed in a joint venture with an established […]