Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter

Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter

Earthquake Showcases Convenience Features With New 5-Ton Log Splitter

Announced and showcased at the recent National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, the new Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter looks to make a tedious chore into a more convenient affair for those in the rural, residential, and light commercial markets. It comes fully equipped with two side catch trays, a stand that keeps the splitter located at waist height, and wheels and a handle that allow for easy portability.

10-Second Summary

  • Earthquake unveiled a new 5-ton log splitter at the National Hardware Show
  • Equipped with two side catch trays, a stand, and a handle and wheels
  • Engineered with precision gears and copper windings for constant splitting force
  • 5″ splitting wedge
  • 2 hp motor
  • Splits logs up to 20″ long

What Earthquake Has To Say

“Earthquake has designed and manufactured electric log splitters for more than a decade. For wholesalers and retailers looking to expand their product offerings in this category, our 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter delivers power, proven performance and new convenience features in a compact, user-friendly machine.”

-Noah Marach, project manager, Earthquake Lawn and Garden Division

Power and Convenience

Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter

The Earthquake 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter, rather than using cheaper aluminum parts, opts for precision gearing and copper windings. This provides extra strength, better conductivity, and better heat resistance to ensure that you get a constant splitting force from the 2 hp electric motor. With five tons of splitting power and a 5″ splitting wedge, the new log splitter can tackle logs up to 20″ long.

We mentioned that convenience was a benefit of the new log splitter. The stand positions the business end of the splitter at waist height so that you’re not bending over quite so much. Additionally, it features two side catch trays to hold the split logs.

Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter

Earthquake has also designed this log splitter for supreme versatility and portability. Its stand includes wheels and handles that not only make moving it a breeze, but also make it easy to store away in the shed, garage, or basement.

Final Thoughts

As yet, we’ve not been informed of the price attached to the Earthquake 5-Ton Log Splitter. But, we do know that it will come with a 5-Year warranty. We also know that Earthquake’s customer service is based out of Wisconsin, which means that post-sale customer support should be available locally from 2,200 authorized service centers across the U.S.

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