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Each month OPE Reviews reaches tens of thousands of landscaping enthusiasts, professionals, and even arborists. These are people who love and use outdoor power equipment every day. We target the very business owners and purchasers who make purchasing decisions for their teams and crews throughout the year. OPE Reviews isn’t just another trade mag—it’s a niche online publication that covers tools in a way no magazine can. And it reaches a growing number of consumers who prefer to do their research online with smartphones, tablets, laptops, or their work PCs.

Each Month OPE Reviews Produces:

  • Hands-on tool reviews
  • New tool previews and editorial articles
  • Engaging and relevant social media posts

With attractive visuals and head-to-head tool testing, OPE Reviews informs and educates—even while it entertains. And it speaks directly to business owners, letting them know about new tools and learn which ones can stand up to real-world use in the field. Advertising with OPE Reviews puts your tools, fasteners, materials, and accessories in front of the pros you want to reach.

OPE Reviews is relevant because it’s written by professionals, but remains accessible to everyone. 

It’s relevant. It’s exciting. And it’s in the hands of the very consumers you want to alert to new products, technology, and opportunities.

Who’s Reading OPE Reviews

OPE Reviews is relevant because it’s written BY professionals FOR professionals. Landscapers, loggers, tree care and agriculture Pros, and heavy equipment operators read OPE Reviews because it has engaging content written by pros who know their business. Reviews of new and upcoming diesel, gas, battery, and hand tools help business owners make informed purchase decisions, and helpful articles provide valuable insight into improving workflow and safety. In short, our readers are your target tool-buying audience. And since the large majority of our readers are business owners and decision-makers, you’re influencing the people who actually buy tools—lots of them.

Ads on OPE Reviews Reach the Key Influencers in Companies You Want to Connect With

About Our Readers

  • 72% of OPE Reviews readers describe themselves as business owners or decision-makers when it comes to tool purchases
  • 80% say they read the website more than once/week
  • Average age: 57% over 35 (70% are married)
  • Male/female: 82%/18%
  • 82% of OPE reviews readers approve tool purchases for their companies
  • OPE Reviews readers are the Final Decision Makers for a wide range of OPE tools and accessories

OPE Reviews Advertising Online

With over 50,000 monthly visitors, OPE Reviews is the premier destination for the homeowner, landscaping enthusiast, arborist, or any user of outdoor power equipment. From in-depth tool reviews and comparisons to industry news and trade-focused articles, opereviews.com is designed specifically for all users of outdoor power equipment.


Our weekly newsletter goes out to landscaping enthusiasts, professionals, arborists, and agriculture pros who look to us for reliable tool reviews, news, buying guides, and trade-related articles.

Social Media

With an active Instagram Facebook , and Twitter presence, OPE Reviews backs up every review and advertising campaign with a steady dose of social media exposure.

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