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We get a lot of landscaping news that covers everything from new zero turn mowers and gas-powered tools to hand tools and UTVs. Since we review hundreds of new tools each year, manufacturers send us information early. This may include info on brand new tools and products, or it may concern an accessory or new technology. Often, our news page includes the latest mower, blower, or trimmer that just became available to your local dealer or retailer. Landscaping News and Events Throughout the year we also attend many trade shows and events, including the Green Industry Expo (GIE). Here, we report on brand new tools and products that are changing the landscaping and heavy equipment industries. As technology changes—including the introduction of more and more cordless tools to the Pro landscaping industry—we’ll keep you posted. These industry changes impact your ability to service particular municipal and residential landscaping properties. As a result, staying atop new developments keeps you and your company informed.  

Altoz 2020 Mowers

Altoz Zero-Turn Mowers – Which One Do You Need?

Altoz Has a Fleet of Residential and Commercial ZTM Mowers Having reviewed the Altoz XC 610 Zi zero-turn mower and the Altoz TRX 660i zero-turn mower, we’re familiar with the brand. Altoz continues to announce additional models that expand its line of zero-turn mowers. With a variety of models, engines, deck widths, drive systems, features, […]

Mean Green Opens New Hamilton Ohio Facility

Mean Green Opens New Hamilton Ohio Facility

Generac Power Systems’ brand, Mean Green, has announced the opening of a new 100,000-square-foot facility in Hamilton, Ohio. The new space should help the company meet the increasing demand for electric-powered zero-turn mowers. The company previously produced four different commercial electric mowers and accessories at its Ross, Ohio location—about 10 miles away. The expansion will […]

Greenworks New Tools and Gear for 2023

Greenworks Widens Its Gaze and Enters Home Technology Space at CES 2023 You probably recognize Greenworks for its electric lawn care products or cordless power tool lineup, but the brand has a few new products that may seem a little out of the blue at first. We’re looking at the new Greenworks tools and gear […]

What is an Outer Rotor Brushless Motor? Inner vs Outer Rotors

An outer rotor brushless motor (vs inner rotor design) is a type of electric motor that uses a permanent magnet rotor, or outer rotating component, instead of a traditional armature, or inner rotating component. This design allows for a more efficient and powerful motor. The magnetism of the outer rotor can be more easily controlled […]

Bobcat Autonomous Zero-turn Mower

Bobcat Autonomous Zero-turn Mower

Bobcat Company announced the launch of an autonomous zero-turn mower in an effort to expanding its offerings in landscaping and grounds maintenance. Simultaneously, the company is also investing in Greenzie, an autonomous software company for commercial lawn mowers and outdoor power equipment. Bobcat on Their Autonomous Zero-turn Mower “Innovation is part of the Bobcat DNA. […]

What is Ethanol Gas

What is Ethanol Gas?

Every few months, the subject of ethanol gas comes up in a video or social media comment. Most gas lawn mowers and outdoor power equipment use unleaded gasoline to fuel their engines. This often brings up the issue of whether you should use ethanol-free gas in lawn mowers. Having addressed that question and issue multiple […]

brushless vs brushed motor technology

Brushless vs Brushed Motor Technology Explained

Brushless motors have become increasingly popular in the professional tool industry for use in cordless tools. In fact, even the least expensive brands produce core tools that use brushless motors. While it may not seem like a significant change, there are actually major differences between brushless vs brushed motor technology. Given these differences, we felt […]

Grasshopper SO26 Stand-on Mowers

Grasshopper SO26 Stand-on Mowers

We saw the Grasshopper Model SO26 stand-on mower at the 2022 Equip Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Coming off a three-year development cycle, the mower features a 26HP Vanguard engine and a height-adjustable command center tower that provides easy access to controls. Grasshopper SO26 Stand-on Mower Design and Features Grasshopper mounted the T-Drive transmission and engine […]