Vertex Stand On Mowers 2024 Lineup

Vertex Stand on mowers

Exmark hasn’t been around all that long. Some manufacturers have been at it for over a century, whereas they started in 1982. Yet, in this comparatively short period of time, Exmark has made a significant impact on the world of commercial mowers. In fact, today, they’re arguably the leading manufacturer of professional landscaping equipment. That’s why it’s newsworthy that they’ve revealed their 2024 line of Vertex stand on mowers.

Here’s a look at what these updated models have to offer.

2024 Vertex Stand On Mowers

Models and Features

If you’re not already familiar with it, the Vertex line of Stand Ons consists of four series:

  • X-Series
  • E-Series
  • S-Series
  • V-Series

X-Series Vertex Stand Ons

Vertex x series stand on mower

The updated Vertex X-Series stand on mowers run on a Kawasaki FX1000 engine and use Exmark’s 72-inch UltraCut Series 6 cutting deck. The latter covers over 7 acres per hour, which adds up to a lot of property with little downtime, thanks to a 14-gallon tank.

And while we haven’t yet put their upgraded fleet to the test, we’re willing to give a thumbs-up to the engine options that Exmark has chosen for the line’s gas models.

Based on our experience running a lot of them, a quality commercial mower has one of three brands under the hood. Exmark is using two of them: Kawasaki, which we already mentioned, and Kohler, as you’ll soon read.

Both manufacturers have a well-deserved reputation for building powerful, reliable systems. Indeed, we’ve seen Kawasaki engines running like champs after 30 years of service (and counting).

E-Series Vertex Stand Ons

Moving on, the new E-Series pushes things up a notch.

For instance, powering these mowers is an electric start, twin-cylinder Kawasaki FS600V commercial engine. Moreover, it comes equipped with HydroGear pumps and Parker wheel motors that, together, achieve speeds of up to 7.5 mph.

Exmark Vertex E Series

The Vertex E-Series stand on mowers are available with either 32- or 36-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting decks. Furthermore, these decks have a single-point cut height adjustment system that sets deck heights from 1 to 4.5 inches, in quarter-inch increments.

From what Exmark tells us, you can make these adjustments quickly and easily.

S-Series Vertex Stand On Mowers

These mid-sized models provide more variety, available with 48-, 52-, or 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks.

What’s more, you have a choice of either a Kawasaki carbureted or Kohler EFI engine, which should give you speeds of up to 8.5 mph. (There are a handful of ZTs that are faster, but, assuming that Exmark’s numbers are accurate, these mowers are fast, nonetheless.)

V-Series Vertex Stand Ons

The V-Series takes us into the realm of electric equipment.

Powering this mower is Exmark’s HyperCell Power System, which gives you up to 7 hours of runtime per charge and a max speed of 10 mph. Lastly, Exmark offers the Vertex V-Series with a 52-inch Electric Series 4 side-discharge cutting deck.

Vertex Pricing and Availability

Visit Exmark to find a Vertex Stand On Mowers dealer.

Check out our coverage of the earlier S-Series and V-Series models!

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