Exmark V-Series Electric Zero Turn

exmark v-series electric zero turn

Not long ago, choosing battery-powered gear usually meant settling for a tradeoff between power and runtime. But not so much anymore. Indeed, in many cases, cordless equipment now matches and even surpasses gas-fueled solutions in overall performance. Perhaps more noteworthy is that this applies not only to smaller handheld equipment but also to large commercial tools. Take, for instance, the Exmark V-Series Electric Zero Turn.

Here’s a look at how this update to the brand’s Lazer Z lineup can offer Pros a no-compromise alternative to gas.

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Exmark V-Series Electric Zero Turn Overview

Exmark is certainly a name synonymous with commercial OPE. And, like most of the models in its mower fleet, the V-Series performance features speak to why that is.

The V-Series is the Exmark Lazer Z zero turn lineup’s first electric mower. Based on the numbers, we think it’s a respectable debut.

For one, this ZT provides an impressive 7-hour runtime per charge, giving you a solid day’s work. Behind that performance is the 60V 23.4 kWh HyperCell battery system.

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exmark lazer z v-series zero turn lawn mower
  • Model: Exmark Lazer Z V-Series
  • Runtime: 7+ hrs per charge
  • 60-in cutting deck
  • Weight: 1,414 lbs
  • Ground speed: 11 MPH forward; 6 MPH reverse
  • Max blade speed: 17,500 FPM
  • Cutting heights: 1–5 inches in 1/4-inch increments
  • Three 20.5-in blades

In terms of mowing speeds, you’re looking at an estimated 11 MPH in forward drive and 6 MPH in reverse. While these aren’t exactly NASCAR-worthy figures, they’re by no means lackluster either.

As for cutting prowess, it seems as though the Exmark V-Series electric zero turn has you covered there, as well. Specifically, this mower comes equipped with 20.5-inch blades and boasts a 17,500 FPM spin velocity.

Moreover, Exmark assures us that it will give you a commercial-quality cut – nice and even.

To customize that cut to your clients’ preferences, you can make height adjustments of 1 to 5 inches in 1/4-inch increments.


  • Electric
  • 7-hour runtime
  • 60-inch deck


  • A bit pricey, but, in fairness, not unusual for a commercial-grade battery-powered ZT.

Exmark V-Series Electric Zero Turn Price

The Exmark V-Series will be available sometime this year and will start at $40,499.

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