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When getting into the rough stuff, our brushcutter reviews will separate the men from the boys with comparative testing and intensive trials in thick brush. Brushcutters start with handheld devices used for walking and cutting focused areas. Battery-powered models are even starting to become more common. Moving up, you get wheeled push models that can handle larger areas and which reduce user fatigue. Step up to a ride-on option like the Altoz TRX 660i Zero Turn Mower, and you’re off to the races.

Brushcutter Reviews

While a zero turn mower with a rough cut deck may not qualify, in your mind, as a brushcutter, they’re a good intermediate step before you get to oversized attachments designed to be used with skid steers and other heavy equipment.

Our brushcutter reviews always garner the attention of professionals, so we focus on the important aspects of the tool. We test cutting capacity, blade durability, usability, and more.