Brushcutter Reviews

When getting into the rough stuff, our brushcutter reviews will separate the men from the boys with comparative testing and intensive trials in thick brush. Brushcutters start with handheld devices used for walking and cutting focused areas. Battery-powered models are even starting to become more common. Moving up, you get wheeled push models that can handle larger areas and which reduce user fatigue. Step up to a ride-on option like the Altoz TRX 660i Zero Turn Mower, and you’re off to the races. Brushcutter Reviews While a zero turn mower with a rough cut deck may not qualify, in your mind, as a brushcutter, they’re a good intermediate step before you get to oversized attachments designed to be used with skid steers and other heavy equipment. Our brushcutter reviews always garner the attention of professionals, so we focus on the important aspects of the tool. We test cutting capacity, blade durability, usability, and more.

makita xgt brush cutter

Makita XGT Brush Cutter GRU06T

On a near-weekly basis, Makita has been releasing new products. Comparatively speaking, they are very aggressive this year in both their power tools and OPE. Of course, the latter category is our bailiwick. And that brings us to one of the brand’s new lawn care solutions: the Makita XGT Brush Cutter (GRU06). Especially if you […]

stihl fsa 120 r brushcutter

Stihl FSA 120 R Brushcutter

Even though Stihl is something of an icon in the world of gas equipment, they’ve been doing an excellent job of producing battery-powered gear. Of course, this should come as no surprise to anyone. Overall, their standards are impeccable, as are their tools’ features and performance. A case in point is the Stihl FSA 120 […]

Echo X-Series Brushcutter

Echo X-Series Brushcutter

Especially if you have a big property or a lot that backs up to fields or woods, you’ve at least thought of getting a brushcutter. Even with a powerful trimmer, tall grass and thick brush can become too much to handle, bogging down the motor or tangling with the cutting head. That’s where a tool […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brush Cutter

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brush Cutter

Milwaukee’s Brush Cutter Evolves from Trimmer Attachment to Dedicated Tool In 2022, we reviewed Milwaukee’s Quik-Lok brush cutter attachment. That product was an attachment rather than a standalone unit. Therefore, Milwaukee got our rapt attention when we learned they released a dedicated M18 Fuel Brush Cutter. So, how does this standalone model compare to its […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brush Cutter with Quik-Lok

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brush Cutter Quik-Lok Attachment Review

Brush Cutter Attachment Expands Milwaukee’s Quik-Lok Multi-Head System Back in 2019, Milwaukee released the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok multi-head system. I continue to use it for everything from trimming to edging—even tackling overgrown gound cover at the lake. Between the string trimmer and articulating attachments like the pole saw and hedge trimmer, it handles more than […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
DR Power XD26 commercial brush mower review

DR Power XD26 Commercial Brush Mower Review

DR Power Commercial Brush Mower Tackles Tough Mowing Conditions Several tractor-based solutions exist for maintaining larger properties with unruly growth. On smaller plots of land or in areas where access might be limited, what kind of tool gets the job done efficiently? We took the DR Power XD26 Commercial Brush Mower out to the ranch […]

Makita XRU16 Brush Cutter

Makita XRU16 36V Battery-Powered Brush Cutter

Makita Brush Cutter Tackles Heavy Overgrowth Without the Noise or Emissions Not many battery-powered brush cutters exist on the market. The Makita XRU16 Cordless 36V Brush Cutter claims the power equivalent of a 30cc gas engine. Given that Makita also makes gas brush cutters—this claim should hold some weight. Like most battery-powered OPE tools, however, […]

Husqvarna 545FR Brushcutter Review

The Husqvarna 545FR Brushcutter is the tool you call up when a string trimmer literally won’t cut it. More to the point: this beastly powerful machine is not a crossover or hybrid—it’s in a different class that makes quick work of everything from tall grass to trees several inches in diameter. It also gives your […]