Echo X-Series Brushcutter

Echo X-Series Brushcutter

Especially if you have a big property or a lot that backs up to fields or woods, you’ve at least thought of getting a brushcutter. Even with a powerful trimmer, tall grass and thick brush can become too much to handle, bogging down the motor or tangling with the cutting head. That’s where a tool like the Echo X-Series Brushcutter comes into play.

Indeed, this one made our list of Best String Trimmers. Let’s have a closer look at what it can do.

Echo X-Series Brushcutter Performance

echo SRM-2620U

A dependable brushcutter has to satisfy a number of requirements. For example, it has to have excellent runtime, a large cutting swath, and, ergonomically speaking, is best equipped with a bike handle design.

That’s what you get with the Echo X-Series Brushcutter, plus a little more.

Driving the SRM-2620U is a 25.4 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine. With the throttle wide open, you’re looking at over 11,000 RPM, which should be muscle enough to tear through otherwise intimidating overgrowth.

  • Model: Echo SRM-2620U
  • 25.4 cc professional-grade engine
  • 20.6 fl. oz. tank
  • 17″ cutting swath
  • Speed-Feed® 400 trimmer head
  • U-style handle w/ throttle
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs.
  • Shaft length: 59 inches

In terms of efficiency, this tool has several features going for it.

First, the SRM-2620U’s business end gives you a 17-inch cutting swath. Moreover, the X-Series brushcutter features Echo’s quick-loading Speed-Feed® 400 trimmer head and a U-style handle with an integrated throttle lever. According to Echo, both of these performance elements should minimize fatigue and downtime.

Echo X-Series Brushcutter Design

echo brushcutter features

When it comes to the Echo X-Series Brushcutter’s design, one of the most important aspects is the handle. Cutting dense foliage is tedious labor. After all, you’re going up against stubborn growth, and sometimes you’re even wading through it as you work.

Therefore, control is very important. Typically, a U-style design enhances balance and stability and, in doing so, stamina. That means you can work longer and more effectively.

Furthermore, the X-Series Brushcutter is relatively lightweight at 13.6 pounds.

With these observations in mind, we placed this model on our Best Trimmers and Edgers: Prosumer list.

Echo SRM-2620U Price

The Echo X-Series Brushcutter retails for $419.99 and comes with a 5-year consumer and a 2-year commercial warranty.

Not sure what size string trimmer line to use? OPE can help!

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