July 25, 2021

UTV Reviews and ATVs

More and more, UTVs and ATVs are being used to move material and transport products around the job site. They excel at hauling gear from one area of a property to another. Our UTV reviews and ATV reviews test the latest utility vehicles and all-terrain vehicles for features and performance. New products like the ODES Industries Dominator X4 UTV and the Intimidator Truck Series UTV are turning heads. Job-Focused UTV Reviews and ATV Reviews Making sure our UTV reviews and ATV reviews focus on the jobsite allows us to ensure a quality evaluation. We look at power for hauling and towing as well as build quality. If a new UTV can’t hold up to the rigors of use in landscaping, farming, or construction applications, we want to know. We also look at features. From heated seats to accessories and storage options, UTVs are getting a real makeover. Compare this to what the markets offered just a few years ago.

American Landmaster EV Electric UTV

Lithium-Powered Landmaster EV Provides Quiet, Maintenance-Free Workhorse For a quiet and comfortable yet productive foray into the world of UTV choring, American Landmaster would like to suggest the newest entry into their side-by-side lineup. The American Landmaster EV provides a battery-powered solution for carrying, towing, and transportation around the property or jobsite. Notable Features As […]

Kubota Gas-Powered RTV520 Residential Utility Vehicle

Kubota Upgrades Look and Features of UTV Model Kubota announced that they’ve upgraded the RTV500 line of residential utility vehicles. The Kubota RTV520 features a variety of performance, comfort, and aesthetic upgrades designed to elevate the user experience for large property owners and commercial contractors. Kubota on the RTV520 The RTV520 is the perfect utility […]

American Landmaster L7XL Pro for 2021

American Landmaster L7XL PRO Provides More Torque and More Space for Less For 2021, American Landmaster has released its largest model UTV to date with the L7XL PRO. Geared for higher torque and able to tow around bigger payloads, this UTV is best suited for big jobs, whether they be on the farm, job site, […]

John Deere Gator UTV Updates – 2020 vs 2021

John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles See Improvements to Control For years now, John Deere owners have looked to the Gator line of utility vehicles to provide dependable and durable service on the farm or ranch. But, the John Deere 2021 Gator lineup promises even more reason to get into this well-regarded line of UTVs. You’ll […]

Bobcat Reveals Gas UTV Models for 2020

Bobcat Offers Gas Options on Side by Side UTVs In addition to the popular UV34 and UV34XL diesel UTV models, Bobcat now offers a gas option for these side-by-side UTV models. Bobcat says that the new models offer the same comfort, dependability, and performance as the diesel models, but with the added convenience of gasoline. […]

HONDA AWV self-driving four-wheeler

Honda Self-Driving Four-Wheeler Unveiled at Word of Concrete

Honda Set To Showcase Prototype AWV at Upcoming WoC Event Honda plans to showcase its new prototype off-road vehicle at the upcoming World of Concrete Event in Las Vegas. In a stroke of creative inspiration, Honda has dubbed this concept the Autonomous Work Vehicle. It combines advanced autonomous technology with the company’s all-terrain vehicle. Honda […]

Tracker OX400 Utility Vehicle

Tracker OX400 Joins Line of Value-Focused ATV, Side-By-Side, and Sport Carts Tracker, historically known for their boats but becoming increasingly known also for their off-road vehicles, has just announced a new edition to their ever-growing lineup of ATVs and UTVs. The Tracker OX400 utility vehicle has been designed with farmers, ranchers, and park maintenance workers […]

Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick

Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick First Look – 40 mph 4×4

Kubota launched their first UTV way back in 2004. Since then, they have continued to expand their Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) line, with more than six product lines to choose from. Until now, all their models were about getting work done, not so much about play. Top speed for most of the units was below […]