Toro Workman UTX Utility Vehicle

Toro Workman UTX Created For All Work and No Play

Toro has introduced the Workman UTX Utility Vehicle, which they claim they’ve “created specifically for work, not recreation”. They have designed this 4-wheel drive vehicle particularly for crews maintaining sports fields, cities, parks, and schools.

What Is Toro Saying About the Workman UTX Utility Vehicle?

This new, rugged utility vehicle doesn’t mess around. It’s designed to tackle snow and ice, tree maintenance, landscaping, event setup and teardown, trash, transportation of people, materials, and tools. Its versatility and durability are what truly makes it unique.

Noah Wahl, Toro Marketing Manager

Key Details

The Toro Workman UTX Utility Vehicles are available with gas or diesel power with both two-seat or four-seat configurations. These 4-wheel drive UTVs come road-ready with standard turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights, LED headlights, and a horn.

It also comes ready for snow removal with an integrated Boss plaw mount and a corrosion-resistant spray-in bed liner. The all-weather cab is available with heat and air conditioning to keep you comfortable in any weather condition.

Toro has also designed the Workman UTX Utility Vehicles with the company’s proprietary ground speed governing system. Because the UTV’s ground speed does not directly connect to its RPM, you can limit your speed without dropping power.

Toro tells us that, “the system allows for the perfect amount of power to be applied to the job, no matter the desired ground speed. This can mean lower RPM, and with it lower fuel consumption and sound, or higher RPM for more power to push snow or haul a heavy load.”


Toro has just announced the Workman UTX, and as such, we haven’t yet received any firm word on the retail price. We’re also waiting to learn when we can expect these UTVs to become readily available. The best way to find updates would be to contact your local Toro dealer. You can look them up on Toro’s directory by clicking the button below.

For more information about the Toro lineup and the Workman UTX Utility Vehicles, click here .

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