Toro Titan Zero Turn

toro titan zero turn

Talking to a Toro rep, you’d think the 54-inch Titan zero turn (75305) is a living, breathing creature. Indeed, they put it succinctly in conversation and in their marketing materials. Apparently, this thing has “Pro DNA running through its veins.” Of course, this begs the question of how true that statement is. Undoubtedly, the 75305 is a commercial-grade mower. But do its features and design match the ones behind Toro’s long-standing reputation for quality?

Let’s explore what this ZT has to offer to help you decide for yourself.

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Toro Titan Zero Turn Performance Features

It isn’t the biggest model in the Titan lineup, however, this machine comes off as a monster.

For one, the 75305’s 747cc Kohler engine has a 26 horsepower output. That’s the high end of what we like to see on a 54-inch ZT. Even so, the forward speed (8.5 mph) could and should be higher on a commercial model.

toro titan 75305


  • Model: Toro 75305
  • Engine: Kohler 747cc, 26 HP
  • Deck size: 54 in
  • Deck material: 10-gauge steel, fabricated
  • Mowing capacity: 7 acres
  • Max forward speed: 8.5 mph
  • Max reverse speed: 3 mph
  • Fuel tank capacity: 5 gal
  • Weight: 758 lbs

In terms of ride quality, Toro took measures to ensure solid control on the Titan zero turn. Specifically, they tell us that this mower’s steering is less jerky thanks to shock-absorbing dampers. Moreover, a tubular front axle and casters should make for smoother passes as you cut.

And speaking of cutting, we definitely like the 75305’s deck and blade system. Indeed, lawn care professionals encounter an array of conditions, mowing wet grass, dense overgrowth, and, many times, both. The result is often unsightly and damaging clods of unmulched clippings.

At top speed, the 54-inch Titan reaches blade speeds of 18,000 fps. What’s more, Toro equipped this ZT with baffles, which, combined with airflow, spread discharged clippings, eliminating clumps.

Toro Titan Zero Turn Design

toro titan zt design

The Titan’s construction is pretty noteworthy, too.

First, there’s the deck, which is made of grade 50 10-gauge fabricated steel.

Additionally, Toro didn’t forget about convenience and comfort. For instance, the Titan’s foot-assist deck lift enables you to easily avoid obstacles that can damage the mower. We also think the toolless air filter is a nice touch, allowing for quick changes.

Finally, you’ll likely be mowing all day, and that’s where the hand-crafted high-back seat and armrests come in handy.

Toro 75305 Price

The 54-inch Toro Titan Zero Turn retails for $5,999 and comes with 3-year unlimited-hour residential or 3-year 300-hour commercial warranties.

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