Toro Power Clear Snow Blower 821 QZE

toro power clear

If you’re among the millions of Americans who live where the white stuff falls, then you know what winter weather entails. Sure, a fresh snowfall is beautiful. But, it quickly becomes less attractive when it’s time to dig your way out. If you hire a landscaping service to take care of things for you, then you’re sitting pretty. However, for those of us who insist on getting down and dirty with seasonal maintenance, a snow blower like the 21-inch Toro Power Clear (821 QZE) is the way to go.

Here’s a quick rundown of its performance and design features to help you decide if this single-stage model is the right solution for you.

Toro Power Clear Snow Blower Performance

Let’s kick things off with a word about the engine. Driving the 821 QZE is a 252cc 4-stroke design. So, as you would do with your tractors, mowers, and pressure washers, simply refuel with regular gasoline. No oil additive is necessary.

Editor’s note: Ethanol doesn’t play nice with small-engine carburetors. We strongly suggest that you add a measure of stabilizer each time you refill your fuel can. Learn more about how to keep your engine happy all year with our tips on How to Winterize Any Motor or Small Engine!

toro power clear 821 qze

Now, Toro has a well-deserved reputation for building top-notch gas equipment, and the 21-inch Power Clear snow blower is no exception.

In addition to its high-quality engine, the 821 QZE boasts a few other capabilities that help set it apart from the competition. For one, Toro outfitted the Power Clear with a self-propelled drive system. Trust us, that’s no small thing. Actually, we’d argue that it’s more important to have self-propulsion on a snow blower than it is on a push mower.


  • Model: Toro 821 QZE
  • Engine: 252cc, 4-stroke
  • Clearing width: 21 in
  • Clearing depth: 9 in
  • Chute radius: 210º
  • Fuel tank: .78 gal
  • Weight: 96 lbs

Clearing a snow-covered driveway isn’t a walk in the park, especially when a storm is dumping several inches every hour. In other words, you might literally be up to your knees in frozen precipitation. We promise you that maneuvering a 100-pound snow blower without mechanical assistance will be neither productive nor pleasant.

Therefore, in addition to giving thanks for self-propelled drive systems, you can likewise rest assured that the 821 QZE will take whatever Old Man Winter dishes out. Indeed, Toro tells us that the Power Clear snow blower will effectively clear paths up to 9 inches deep and 21 inches wide with each pass. Moreover, it has a max throwing distance of 40 feet, along with 210º of chute rotation for precise aim.

Toro Power Clear Snow Blower Design

toro 21 inch power clear snow blower

When it comes to design, perhaps our favorite element is the electric start. It’s nice to fire up the engine with one or two pulls, and not 20, plus one trip to the chiropractor.

Furthermore, we like the sleek, compact design of the overall housing. Toro definitely had the space-conscious consumer in mind when they brought this to the drawing board.

Toro 821 QZE Price

The Toro Power Clear Snow Blower sells for $949 and comes with a full 2-year warranty.

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