Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Our robotic lawn mower reviews separate the newcomers from the tried-and-true. An automatic mower needs to be reliable and designed to cut and recharge efficiently and accurately every time. Most utilize a network of low voltage active wiring around the perimeter to define boundaries and mowing space. Newer models are applying GPS technology for more advanced control. Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews We’ve looked at one of the Husqvarna Automowers and found it to be very efficient at maintaining a small lawn. Larger models are available now from several manufacturers and they can cover properties in excess of 1 acre in size. The trick with robotic lawn mower reviews involves understanding the application. Some models simply appeal to homeowners, but others are getting more attention from large property owners. Pros are holding out for models that can be utilized as drop-and-forget products for swaths of land difficult to access with traditional zero turn mowers or ride-on models.

autonomous lawn mower no boundary wires

Toro Robotic Lawn Mower – Everything You Need to Know

Can the Toro Robotic Lawn Mower Replace Your Lawn Serice? Over the years, we’ve kept our eye on how far autonomous robotic lawnmowers have progressed in the market. While the Roomba transformed vacuuming from a manual chore to an automated robotic experience, lawns have trailed behind somewhat. Toro hopes to change that with its robotic […]

TurfBot Robotic Lawn Mowing Services

Robotic Lawn Mowing Services – Can TurfBot and Others Pull It Off?

Can Robotic Mowing Services Like TurfBot Replace Traditional Lawn Crews? We’ve long explored the use of robotic mowers like the Husqvarna Automower to take care of residential landscaping tasks on a homeowner level. Now, however, TurfBot has launched the first (that we’re aware of in the U.S.) franchised robotic lawn mowing service. The company promises […]

Using Autonomous Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers as a Service

Using Autonomous Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers as a Service

We’ve been involved in several conversations about using autonomous commercial mowers in landscaping, but not the zero-turn variety. When wresting with the challenges of staffing landscape crews and running a business, the idea of using autonomous commercial zero-turn mowers, especially as a service, raised some eyebrows around here. But how might it work? Using Autonomous […]

Graze Autonomous Mower | GPS, Solar, and Commercial Applications

Graze Aims For Commercial Landscapes Graze tells us that “US commercial landscaping is a $53 billion dollar industry plagued by high labor costs and low margins.” That’s why they’re planning the launch of the Graze Autonomous Commercial Mower. The mower looks to disrupt the commercial landscaping industry with a mowing solution that reduces labor costs […]

Toadi Lawn Robot

Toadi Self-Driving Lawn Robot | AI-Based Mowing

Toadi Lawn Robot Covers a Lot of Ground Automated mowing isn’t new to the industry. Well-known brands like Husqvarna, Stihl, and Worx have made some pretty big strides in robotic mowing over the last few years. They all employ the same basic design that revolves around buried boundary lines, guide wires, and a GPS system […]

Using Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers | Know the Landscape

If you’ve seen a small, unmanned device cutting a neighbor’s grass, you already know that residential robotic lawn mowers have gained in popularity. It’s easy to understand the reason: they offer a carpet-like lawn of constant height—and a lot more free time! It’s only natural for Pro landscapers to wonder if the same technology can […]

Echo Range Picker

Echo Robotics Autonomous Mower and Range Picker

Echo’s Mower and Range Picker Do the Heavy Lifting On the Golf Course Golf ball collection and mowing have traditionally taken time and attention away from “bigger picture” issues in driving range and golf course management. But, with Echo’s RP-1200 Range Picker – the newest addition to Echo Robotics’ line of autonomous turf equipment – […]

Husqvarna AWD Automower Coming Soon

Husqvarna AWD Automower Tackles Tough Slopes One of the highlights from the Husqvarna booth from this past GIE was the forward steps the company has made in the world of automowing. They plan on releasing two new models to the Automower Series, designed to “increase the flexibility, productivity, and safety within the commercial space.” The […]