Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Our robotic lawn mower reviews separate the newcomers from the tried-and-true. An automatic mower needs to be reliable and designed to cut and recharge efficiently and accurately every time. Most utilize a network of low voltage active wiring around the perimeter to define boundaries and mowing space. Newer models are applying GPS technology for more advanced control. Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews We’ve looked at one of the Husqvarna Automowers and found it to be very efficient at maintaining a small lawn. Larger models are available now from several manufacturers and they can cover properties in excess of 1 acre in size. The trick with robotic lawn mower reviews involves understanding the application. Some models simply appeal to homeowners, but others are getting more attention from large property owners. Pros are holding out for models that can be utilized as drop-and-forget products for swaths of land difficult to access with traditional zero turn mowers or ride-on models.

sunseeker l22 plus

Sunseeker L22 Plus Robotic Mower

We’re at a point in technology that, for two centuries, existed only in books and movies. Now, it’s not fiction. When you look out your window or drive down your street, it isn’t much out of the ordinary to see a robot mowing a lawn. And we’re working with Wild Badger Tools to tell you […]

Honda Autonomous work mower

Honda Announces Autonomous Work Mower

Honda made a big announcement today. The iconic engine manufacturer will soon introduce an all-electric prototype–the Honda Autonomous Work Mower (AWM). It’s the company’s first battery-powered electric zero-turn riding mower with robotic capability, no less! Their goal is to boost worksite efficiency, and, at the same time, blow people’s minds. They certainly have our attention. […]

ecoflow blade robotic mower

EcoFlow Blade Robotic Mower Review

The robotic lawn mower market has been growing like a weed, with a massive amount of progress and innovation defining this growth. A great example is the EcoFlow Blade robotic mower, which we’ve been testing to see what it can do. Pros Cons EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower Design At first glance, it’s clear that […]

Husqvarna 450X EPOS

Husqvarna 450X EPOS Automower

No Boundary Wires–The 450X Automower Uses Husqvarna’s EPOS System for Wire-Free Mowing Especially if you’re into science fiction, autonomous mowers are just plain cool (the R2D2s of the OPE galaxy), but most also come with hassles like property boundary wires. On second thought, we do know of one that doesn’t—the Husqvarna 450X EPOS Automower. This […]


Husqvarna EPOS Expands Automower Technology

Virtual Boundaries Abound for Husqvarna’s Pro Automowers We have some experience with Husqvarna robotic mowers. For example, our overall experience with the entry-level Husqvarna 115H Automower was really positive. Subsequent reviews and coverage of the Husqvarna 315 robotic mower also impressed us. While these mowers proved reliable, easy to use, and able to tackle challenging […]

Cub Cadet Ultima

Best Lawn Mower Reviews 2023

A new lawn mower is no small purchase. What’s more, there are so many to choose from: Electric mowers; push mowers; riding mowers. The research required to find the best lawn mower for you and your needs can be a daunting task. And while we’ve used a bunch, we haven’t walked behind or sat on […]

Husqvarna CEORA Robotic Lawn Mower for Pro Turf Care

Husqvarna CEORA Puts A Futuristic Spin On Professional Turf Care We love seeing the progression of technology, particularly when it comes to lawn care equipment. One of the most up-and-coming advancements in this sector is the robotic mower. We’re taking a look at the Husqvarna CEORA Robotic Lawn Mower to see how it could benefit […]

autonomous lawn mower no boundary wires

Toro Robotic Lawn Mower – Everything You Need to Know

Can the Toro Robotic Lawn Mower Replace Your Lawn Serice? Over the years, we’ve kept our eye on how far autonomous robotic lawnmowers have progressed in the market. While the Roomba transformed vacuuming from a manual chore to an automated robotic experience, lawns have trailed behind somewhat. Toro hopes to change that with its robotic […]