Husqvarna EPOS Expands Automower Technology


Virtual Boundaries Abound for Husqvarna’s Pro Automowers

We have some experience with Husqvarna robotic mowers. For example, our overall experience with the entry-level Husqvarna 115H Automower was really positive. Subsequent reviews and coverage of the Husqvarna 315 robotic mower also impressed us. While these mowers proved reliable, easy to use, and able to tackle challenging lawn and weather conditions, the requirements of a boundary wire and immature GPS technology didn’t go unnoticed. Husqvarna EPOS Automower technology changes all that.

When robotic lawn mowers first hit the market, it was a blast of science fiction. We’re talking any installment from the Star Wars franchise, maybe even Spaceballs (depending on your day). Husqvarna EPOS (Electronic Positioning Operating System) promises a big step forward for robotic lawn mowers (Automowers).

Let’s take a look at how they plan to accomplish that.

Husqvarna EPOS Improves Automower Technology

Husqvarna EPOS both expands and improves its existing robotic mower technology. EPOS utilizes a highly precise satellite navigation system that creates virtual boundaries for professional robotic mowers. It delivers an accuracy of up to 1.18 inches, eliminating the need for hardwired boundary markers in your lawn.

Husqvarna EPOS Automower Technology

Husqvarna EPOS increases the flexibility of how the robotic mower can be utilized. Virtual boundaries can be changed quickly, allowing Pros to meet the needs of changing green spaces, like sports fields and public spaces. In fact, the Husqvarna CEORA mower is the first to use the technology. They’re already using that mower, in part, to maintain the Louisville Slugger field.

The Husqvarna EPOS system also addresses some of the more challenging situations, like passing over hard surfaces or areas which otherwise break up different areas or zones of grass.

How It Works


EPOS works via a series of set-up communication steps utilizing a mobile app, a navigation satellite, a reference station, and the Automower. Here’s the overall process:

  • Use the mobile phone and the app to define work areas and stay-out zones
  • Define temporary or permanent stay-out zones by using the appDrive function in the mobile app to drive the mower around areas that shall not be mowed
  • The mower and reference station receive satellite signals
  • A Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) provides signals to the mower and the reference station
  • Define the mower’s work area by using appDrive function in the mobile app

Current Husqvarna EPOS Mowers

Currently, Husqvarna has made this technology available in a series of robotic Automower lawn mowers. These range from professional-level self-setup mowers to models designed for strictly commercial installation and use:

  • Automower 550 EPOS
  • Automower 550H EPOS
  • Automower 450X EPOS
  • Automower 450XH EPOS

Combining Technologies for More Versatility

This is, of course, just one more step in the Husqvarna robotic mower evolution. Earlier in 2022, they released the 435X and 535 All-Wheel Drive automowers. This innovation allowed both residential and professional users to cover those previously difficult-to-manage inclines (up to 35°).

This type of steady technological advancement is driving the robotic mower further into the professional marketplace.

“Robotics and autonomous solutions will play a major role in the future of green space managementWe are committed to continuously improving professional green space management and Husqvarna EPOS is a technological breakthrough in Husqvarna’s robotic mowing that will further accelerate the adaptation of robotics in professional lawn care. “

Sascha Menges, President, Husqvarna Division

Robotic mowers equipped with EPOS technology also integrate with Husqvarna Fleet Services, a digital fleet system that makes the management of large lawns and green spaces simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Husqvarna EPOS Technology Next Steps

Husqvarna EPOS should continue expanding across the company’s professional robotic Automower line-up in the U.S., France, Germany, and Sweden.

For more information about the company and its line of professional and residential lawn equipment, visit the website .

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