Husqvarna AWD 435X and 535 Automowers

Husqvarna AWD Automower Tackles Tough Slopes

One of the highlights from the Husqvarna booth from this past GIE was the forward steps the company has made in the world of automowing. They plan on releasing two new models to the Automower Series, designed to “increase the flexibility, productivity, and safety within the commercial space.” The new Husqvarna AWD Automowers look like a huge advance for the company in tackling steep inclines and atypical terrain.

What Has Husqvarna to Say About the New AWD Automowers?

“Delivering innovative, advanced solutions and products for green space professionals and consumers is the driving force behind everything we do at Husqvarna. As a pioneer in the robotic lawnmower space for the last 25 years, the enhancements we’ve driven are leading to new opportunities for professionals to revolutionize their own businesses. Using new technology to drive our robotics and green space management segments improve the customer experience, and we are extremely excited about the path forward.”

Earl Bennett, President of Husqvarna Brand Division North America

Pro and Consumer Solutions

The Husqvarna AWD 435X Automowers address consumer needs with professional installation available. The Husqvarna 535 AWD Automower lets professionals trim costs by building their own installation systems, service, and support solutions for their clients.

What Can We Expect From the Husqvarna AWD 435X?

The main thing that these mowers bring to the party will be a huge asset for those of you who manage yards with significant slopes; All Wheel Drive comes on both of the new models. With this design feature, the Husqvarna AWD Automowers can both tackle 35° while maintaining almost a full acre of turf. Since the Husqvarna tech optimizes the control over each individual wheel, these mowers can run in challenging conditions, like rain. They’ve even beefed up the construction for improved durability and reliability.

The Husqvarna 535 AWD Automower comes equipped with Husqvarna’s cloud-based Fleet Services management system. This lets operators monitor and control an unlimited number of robo mowers. Husqvarna really geared this model toward the professional user.

Meanwhile, the brand is also releasing a residential version. Husqvarna created the 435X AWD Automower to provide consumers with a time-saving, safer approach to dealing with mowing on slopes. It features an ultra-silent drive, a weather timer, and remote object detection. It also features a high-resolution color display.

Husqvarna AWD 535 Automower

X-Line Features

Husqvarna even offers an X-line feature package that includes Automower Connect, GPS-assisted navigation, LED headlights, a front rubber bumper, and the X-line body design. The Husqvarna AWD Automowers accept Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates to keep them running smoothly.

Husqvarna AWD Automower Recall

Consumers should note that Husqvarna briefly recalled both the Automower 435X AWD and 535 AWD robotic lawnmowers due to a fire hazard. Husqvarna Group identified a potential safety issue with both Automowers after receiving five reports of incidents (with no injuries) of batteries overheating or catching fire. All 5 incidents occurred in Europe.

Husqvarna determines that the issue resulted from the original charging pattern “stressing” the batteries to unusual levels of degradation in some or the products.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Husqvarna resolved the issue by issuing two mandatory software updates for the two affected models. The first update released on December 2021 and improved the battery charging regime to protect the battery and prolong its life. The second update, released on February 2022, installed additional battery health monitoring features.

Both software updates pushed directly to all product owners via the Automower Connect App.


Both the Husqvarna Automower 535 AWD and 435X AWD models retail for $3,999 each. Installation is sold separately as well, which could likely bring the total cost to around $5k. Payment plans and financing are available, so if this sounds like something that could tickle your fancy, get in touch with your local Husqvarna dealer.

For more information about the Husqvarna AWD Automowers, visit .

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