Honda Announces Autonomous Work Mower

Honda Autonomous work mower

Honda made a big announcement today. The iconic engine manufacturer will soon introduce an all-electric prototype–the Honda Autonomous Work Mower (AWM). It’s the company’s first battery-powered electric zero-turn riding mower with robotic capability, no less! Their goal is to boost worksite efficiency, and, at the same time, blow people’s minds.

They certainly have our attention. This model will be a centerpiece at the upcoming Equip Expo in Louisville, KY. Of course, OPE Reviews will be there, and we definitely look forward to seeing this mower firsthand.

Honda Autonomous Work Mower Testing

Honda AWM ZT

Earlier this year, Honda successfully field-tested a proof-of-concept version of the Autonomous Work Mower. Presumably, they were happy with the results. However, even though they’re unveiling this product to industry journalists and professionals, they’re still in the development phase.

Plans are already in the works to fine-tune the AWM in 2024, when Honda will launch a pilot program. Currently, they’re in the process of recruiting companies to assess their progress.

Now, without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of what this zero-turn mower has.

Honda Autonomous Work Mower Features

Teaching Mode

Honda AWM teaching mode

Interestingly, the AWM has an actual “Teaching” mode.

This feature enables the operator to set up autonomous operation using GPS by manually maneuvering the AWM, thus creating a mowing route map. That’s how it gets the lay of the land. According to the manufacturer’s design team, this allows for higher-quality lawn striping, position accuracy, and enhanced safety.

  • Honda AWM
  • ZT Ride-on/Autonomous
  • Deck size: 60 in
  • Speed: 10 mph (manual), 6 mph (auto)
  • Sensing: LiDAR x 4; Radar x 4
  • Weight: 1,378 lbs

Playback Mode

Honda autonomous work mower playback mode

Here’s where the robotics come into play.

With the AWM in the starting position, the operator uses a mobile device to download the above-mentioned route map. As Honda describes it, the Autonomous Work Mower then starts cutting on its own. Meanwhile, the operator can tackle trimming and other tasks.

This is going to save both money and time for lawn care Pros.

Honda Autonomous Work Mower Design

One especially unique capability is this ZT’s traction control system, which enables the AWM to maintain
straight tracking on hills and rough or uneven terrain. It works by utilizing a differential 2-motor traction control that suppresses tire slip, providing straight-line performance.

Honda AWM Price

The AWM remains in the early testing and development stages. Honda has not yet set pricing.

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