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Taking down small and large trees allows us to look our wood chipper reviews from the perspective of both property owners and forestry professionals. Our chipper reviews primarily look at gas models, but we also review electric units from time to time for lighter use. Above all, a wood chipper must be powerful and durable.

The motor on a decent wood chipper will be well-matched to its stated capacity. It makes little sense to have a wide mouth on a wood chipper that can’t handle the load.

Wood Chipper Reviews

When we review wood chippers, we pay close attention to the cutting blades. They need to have well-designed hammers and good quality steel to quickly and thoroughly chip wood. Belt drives must be well-designed, and heavy-gauge steel construction is preferred given the typical rough use of these tools.

Portability is also key, as towing or otherwise transporting these wood chippers requires a solid tow bar. Finally, electric starts are tested to ensure they work consistently.