DR Power Premier 310 Chipper Shredder Review

DR Power Premier 310 chipper shredder review

DR Power Chipper Shredder Shreds Debris with Gusto

We like owning property, but trees and maintenance take their toll. Products like the DR Power Premier 310 Chipper Shredder came to the rescue on our farm up in Georgia. There, we let reviewer Luke Smith use this tool to help tackle some of his cleanup tasks.

DR Power Premier 310 Chipper Shredder Portability

The 14-inch x 2-inch wheels on the DR Power Premier 310 chipper shredder help it easily roll down our horse paths. From the dirt driveway to the beaten floor of the woods, we took it over a wide variety of terrain and it held up well. You get a nice handle on the large hopper to help you direct the chipper. Lastly, a kickstand on the bottom stabilizes the device during use and when you put it away.

DR Power chipper 14-inch wheels

You can’t tow this model, but DR Power has other larger models suitable for that type of use. Even so, weighing just 129 pounds, Luke and I managed to lift it into the back of our pickup and later into a utility vehicle to transport it around the farm.

Additional Highlights

  • Manual recoil start
  • 0.9-gallon fuel tank (3.4L)

DR Power Premier 310 Chipper Shredder Performance

The DR Power Premier 310 chipper features a 233 cc gas engine. That gets you 6.6 HP and 11.1 ft-lbs of torque to drive the blades on this machine. This is actually the smallest chipper/shredder in the company lineup, but that also makes it the most fuel-efficient. Even so, it can chip and shred branches up to 3 inches in diameter.

6.6HP OHV 223cc engine

Additional Models and Options

For longer duty cycles and bigger branches, DR Power makes the Pro 410 (4 inches). To gain the ability for towing behind a UTV or tractor, the Premier 375 can do that while handling 3.75-inch diameter branches.

Two more models caught our eye as well. The Pro 475P does branches up to 4.75 inches and features a Category 1 PTO tractor drive. You can also grab the DR Power Pro 475 as a standalone tow-behind model. Finally, the Pro XL501 features even more power and has a side chute that handles 5-inch branches with a tow-behind design.

Properly “Feeding” the DR Power Premier 310 Chipper

In case you’re new to chipper shredders, you have two hoppers that work for different applications. It has to do with the way the debris you feed into the machine engages the chipper knives and/or shredder hammers. The smaller side hopper is the main chute. It handles the bigger branches up to 3 inches in diameter.

The Pro-Spec alloy steel chipper knives on this tool spin at 231 fps (158 mph). The effect of all that torque and speed is a self-feeding tool that literally grabs branches and pulls them in for shredding. You only need to help support the weight of each branch. The Premier 310 chipper takes it from there.

DR Power Premier 310 chipper shredder review

For brush and leafy branches, use the top hopper which handles anything up to 1/2 an inch in diameter. The eight free-swinging hammers shred that smaller debris even as it pulls it downward through the tool.

side hopper

Using the correct hopper optimizes the machine. Putting larger branches into the top hopper results in chunking. It doesn’t shred effectively. The result is that you may have to open up the side access panel to clear the machine.

To help you remember, just be lazy. Don’t lift heavy things past that lower hopper—easy peasy!

top hopper chipper

The ultimate purpose of a chipper shredder is to reduce yard waste. Feed branches and debris in , and the machine reduces the overall volume by a 10:1 ratio. The resulting chips get directed out a screen on the side of the machine. Of course, if you separate your materials, you can end up with free mulch for your landscaping and gardening.

DR Power Chipper Shredder Price

The DR Power Premier 310 doesn’t break the bank. With a retail price of $969.99 you can often find it online or in stores for less. We saw it for $849.99 at the time of writing. DR Power backs this tool with a 2-year residential warranty or a 90-day commercial use warranty. Check out the entire line pricing below (including their other chippers and shredders):

  • Premier 310: $969.99
  • Pro 410: $1499.99
  • Pro 400 $1499.99
  • Premier 375: $2199.99
  • Pro 475: $3499.99
  • Pro XL501 $3799.99

The Bottom Line

The DR Power Premier 310 Chipper Shredder did an excellent job helping us clean up fallen branches around the trails we use for horse riding. While some properties will certainly need the higher capacity of some of DR Power’s other models, the Premier 310 is a convenient, affordable way to help keep your property looking great throughout the year.


  • Model: DR Power Premier 310
  • Power Source: DR Power 233cc, 6.6 HP gas engine
  • Engine Torque: 11.1 ft-lbs
  • OilL 10W-30 or 15W-39
  • Starting: Manual recoil
  • Chipping Capacity: 3 inches
  • Chipping Hopper: 10.4 x 7.2 in.
  • Chipper Knives: 4.125 x 1.25 x 0.25 in.
  • Shredding Capacity: 1/2 an inch
  • Shredder Hopper: 19.8 x 13.7 in.
  • Discharge Screen Opening: 0.94-in.
  • Wheels: 14 x 2 in.
  • Dry Weight: 129 lbs.

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