DR Power XLDRT Rear Tine Rototiller Review

DR Power XLDRT rear tine rototiller review
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 9.4

The Pro XLDRT rear tine rototiller is the most powerful walk-behind in the DR Power line. We really love the dual-direction tines and the overall features and performance. If you want to get a serious amount of work done in a small amount of time, this tool can save you hours. Ditch your attachment system and consider putting the DR Power Pro XLDRT to work instead.

Overall Score 9.4 (out of 10)

Power and Dual-Rotation Mark the DR Power XLDRT Rear Tine Rototiller

Here in Georgia, we live in the county for a reason. You can plant a garden, operate a small business—and do many other things they frown upon in the big city. As we got ready to expand our garden, we looked forward to preparing the soil so we could move on to planting more vegetables. As soil goes, we have an easier time of it than some—lots of sand, very little rocks. Still, when breaking topsoil and grass and prepping a garden for its first run, you need something capable of getting the job done. We brought in the DR Power XLDRT rear tine rototiller to see if it could speed up the process and keep up the pace.


  • Strong tilling performance
  • Forward and reverse tine rotation
  • Thick 13-inch drive wheels
  • Side panels and rear debris shield control soil spray
  • Forward, neutral, and reverse transport modes
  • Manually adjustable handle


  • Difficult-to-access engine oil
  • No electric start option

DR Power Rear Tine Rototiller Features

The DR Power 209cc overhead valve engine powers the drive system in addition to the rear tines. Using the speed selector at the right of the handle you can quickly adjust the drive speed. We found it easy to match the tilling speed with our drive speed to get excellent results and a steady pace.

DR Power rototiller throttle

No matter which way the tines move—forward or reverse—the drive direction always goes forward. DR Power gives you a separate forward, neutral, and reverse mode. This works when transporting the DR Power tiler when the tines are not moving.

DR Power XLDRT drive system

By running the tines in reverse, you increase the resistance but it helps when digging into difficult soil. When you put the tines in the forward direction they actually help push the machine forward. If you need to slow the unit down in this mode, drop and use the integrated drag stake.

13-inch pneumatic wheels

The oversized 13-inch x 5-inch pneumatic wheels include a “tractor-style” tread that really lets it grip the soil. This helps when you turn up a bunch of soil and need to keep moving through it.

Rear Debris Shield and Side Panels

With some tillers, you can really throw a bunch of soil all over yourself—particularly with the tines spinning in the forward direction. DR Power includes side panels and a spring-loaded rear shield to help manage the spray of dirt.

DR Power XLDRT tilling

Additional Notes

  • Pull (recoil) start
  • Holds 96 ounces of fuel
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Front brush guard
  • Weighs 205 lbs.

DR Power Rear Tine Rototiller Performance

The DR Power XLDRT uses that 209cc OHV (overhead valve) engine to output up to 9.5 ft-lbs of torque. Fortunately, if you happen to live in California, they also managed to make it CARB-certified.

DR Power 209cc engine motor

We did have some difficulty when filling the rear tine rototiller with oil. Getting the 20 ounces of 30W-HD oil into the engine takes a long, narrow funnel.

oil port needs long funnel

Tilling an Existing Garden

Before expanding our backyard vegetable garden, we used the We tilled a backyard vegetable garden up in Georgia, using the DR Power rototiller to clear out the rows in between our growing veggies. With our family’s hectic schedule, we had simply left it go wild for far too long.

DR Power XLDRT rear tine rototiller

The engine drove those 11-inch tines like nobody’s business. The XLDRT tills an 18-inch width path and those tines can dig down up to 11 inches. I can’t express how much easier it is to use this tool vs pulling out an attachment system with a tiller head.

11-inch rear tines

We found something immediately great about the DR Power XLDRT rear tine tiller. We love that the tines can rotate in either direction. Working in loose soil or in established gardens, you can keep those tines running in the forward direction. It helps you move and you aren’t fighting the ground as much.

However, when you really need to dig in and break up hard soil, flip them into reverse. This also helps when tilling up an area for the first time—even areas full of grass. To reverse the tines, we used the gear selection lever positioned to the left of the handle.

While the tines were in reverse, we expanded the boundaries of our garden. The soil featured a mix of Georgia clay and topsoil. We have to say that the rototiller dug through that hard-packed mixture quickly and with very little difficulty. It performed impressively.

DR Power Rototiller Pro XLDRT

You do have some limitations—even with a tiller this strong. You want to avoid truly rocky soil and rootsw. While these tines can handle small rocks and debris, you won’t get far if they become completely obstructed by larger pieces of stone or root systems.

DR Power Rear Tine Rototiller Price

The DR Power Pro XLDRT has a list price of $999.99 and comes with a 2-year residential/90-day commercial warranty. Keep your eyes open for sales. When we wrote this DR had it for sale at $799.99 on their website. Shipping is free.

The Bottom Line

The Pro XLDRT rear tine rototiller is the most powerful walk-behind in the DR Power line. We really love the dual-direction tines and the overall features and performance. If you want to get a serious amount of work done in a small amount of time, this tool can save you hours. Ditch your attachment system and consider putting the DR Power Pro XLDRT to work instead.

DR Power Rear Tine Rototiller Specifications

  • Model: DR Power Pro XLDRT
  • Engine: 209cc OHV
  • Torque: 9.5 ft-lbs
  • Tilling Width: 18 inches
  • Tilling Depth: Up to 11 inches
  • Tine Size: 11 inches
  • Wheels: 13 x 5 inches
  • Price: $999.99
  • Warranty: 2 years residential, 90 days commercial

Discover more outdoor power equipment at DR’s website .

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