DR Power XD26 Commercial Brush Mower Review

DR Power XD26 commercial brush mower review
PTR Review
  • Overall Rating 9.4

We feel the DR Power XD26 Commercial Brush Mower provides a competent and well-rounded solution where large bush hogs and tow-behinds won't fit. It also works as a great tool for smaller properties (or smaller budgets) where buying a tractor and bat wing might be a tad overkill.

Overall Score 9.4 (out of 10)

DR Power Commercial Brush Mower Tackles Tough Mowing Conditions

Several tractor-based solutions exist for maintaining larger properties with unruly growth. On smaller plots of land or in areas where access might be limited, what kind of tool gets the job done efficiently? We took the DR Power XD26 Commercial Brush Mower out to the ranch to see what our resident rancher, Eli Mosley , thought about it.


  • Honda GXV390 engine
  • Commercial-grade fabricated pivoting deck
  • Independent hydrostatic drive system
  • Simple drive controls
  • Hand guards
  • Oil drain hose
  • Built in the USA (using global materials)


  • Needs a bit more top-end speed for transporting

DR Power XD26 Brush Mower Design Drive Controls

Right from the beginning, the DR Power XD26 brush mower has easy-to-use drive controls. To go forward, you simply squeeze the levers. Pushing down on either the thumb lever kicks its respective wheel into reverse. Each has a variable speed control range, so you can really dial it in.

hand hydrostatic drive controls

With metal pull controls, we found that our hands got sore after spending several hours (almost four) mowing a large field. Soreness started after the first hour and progressed with continuous cutting. You definitely want to wear gloves with this machine.

Fortunately, DR Power also makes several tow behind brush cutters. If you have serious acreage. that could save you some hassle.

Hand Guards

We love the integrated steel hand guards on the DR Power XD26! When cutting high brush using a machine like this, having handguards on both sides really helps. Even wearing gloves, it’s nice knowing you can run this machine through anything and not get scraped up too badly.

hand guards

Flexible Oil Drain Hose

Oil changes are much easier thanks to XD26 and its long drain hose. It clips onto the side of the engine and features a removable cap that lets you drop it down and drain out the oil—hassle-free. About the only thing we’ve seen that’s nicer is the Vanguard Oil Guard Technology system.

flexible oil drain hose maintenance

Additional Features

  • Four integrated tie-down points make trailering easier
  • 1 3/8-inch cast iron spindle deals with the abuse and vibration of the mower’s intended uses
  • Engineered and built in the USA using global materials

DR Power XD26 Commercial Field and Brush Mower Performance

Turning to the Honda GXV390 engine, the DR Power XD26 sports a commercial-grade engine with a bulletproof reputation. It produces 10.2 horsepower and features an oil pump to keep the engine lubricated even when mowing inclines or hilly terrain.

Honda GXV390 engine

Below the mower’s 12-gauge steel deck, a monstrously thick 26-inch blade takes care of business. It’s capable of taking down grass up to 4 feet high, 8-foot tall grass, and 2-inch thick saplings.

XD26 12-gauge steel deck 26-inch blade

Two elements make the work easier to manage. The first is the two hydrostatic drives. With controls on each handle, it makes for a true zero-turn machine that improves your overall work efficiency.

The other is a pivoting deck. As you deal with the natural bumps and unevenness you find in any field, the deck is able to pivot. It helps keep you upright instead of angling side to side the way a fixed deck mower does. When you have a lot of work to accomplish, you deal with less fatigue at the end of the day.

DR Power brush mower

Cutting With The DR Power Commercial Field and Brush Mower

We had two primary goals. One was to get some of the fields over in Bartow cut back down as what we consider regular maintenance. There’s a lot of smut grass and bahiagrass, and the worst of it was around 3 feet tall.

XD26 mowing brush grass

The second section was far more demanding, with most of the field covered in 6 – 8-foot tall growth.

The combination of the Honda engine and high-mass blade chewed through the worst of what we threw at it with ruthless efficiency.

Aside from the excellent cutting performance, several other things stood out to us. On one hand, we wish there was a little more top-end speed for driving to the work area. The mowing speed is great, but getting from point A to point B could be a little faster.

On the other hand, the Honda engine is incredibly efficient. The gas tank holds a little over half a gallon of gas and we were able to cut for about an hour on a tank. Considering the size and power of the engine, we’re very pleased.

In that hour, you can expect to cut around 3/4 of an acre in the best conditions. Overly bumpy or hilly terrain will slow you down, though.

DR Power Commercial Brush Mower Price

The DR Power XD26 has a list price of $4799 and is on sale for $4299 at the time we’re writing this review. If you’d prefer an electric start, that model runs $300 more. The engine has a 3-year warranty and the rest of the machine has a 2-year warranty. It’s the same whether you’re using it for residential or commercial applications.

If the overall concept sounds good, but you need a bit more, check out the XD30 with its Kawasaki 18.5 horsepower engine and 30-inch cutting width for $4999.

The Bottom Line

We feel the DR Power XD26 Commercial Brush Mower provides a competent and well-rounded solution where large bush hogs and tow-behinds won’t fit. It also works as a great tool for smaller properties (or smaller budgets) where buying a tractor and bat wing might be a tad overkill.


  • Model: DR Power XD26
  • Engine: Honda GXV390
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • RPM: 3500 RPM
  • Cutting Width: 26 inches
  • Mowing Height: 4 inches
  • Dry Weight: 313 pounds

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