ryobi 2300 psi electric pressure washer

Ryobi 2300 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

While plenty of gas-powered equipment devotees are out in the field going strong, electric models are quickly building a fan base of their own. In fact, the overall performance and reliability of electric tools have, in recent years, given their petrol equivalents a run for their money. That’s true of nearly every type of outdoor […]

Cub Cadet ZTX6

Cub Cadet ZTX6 Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

The mower that we’re about to dive into has already made our Best Lawn Mowers and Best Riding Lawn Mowers lists. However, a dedicated tour of the features can never hurt. And, trust us, there are some nice performance elements to discuss with the Cub Cadet ZTX6 Ultima series zero-turn. So, let’s take a look […]

Greenworks Pro 700 CFM blower

Greenworks Pro 700 CFM Blower Review

Greenworks Power ‘Blows’ Away the Competition Gas has its benefits, however, so does battery power. But you can easily solve the toss-up if you’re ultimate goal is giving your gas can the boot. In that case, you’ll want to keep on reading. That’s because we got our hands on a Greeenworks Pro 700 CFM blower. […]

toro stripe

Toro Stripe Dual-Blade Mower

Achieve Pro-Level Lawn Stripes With the Toro Stripe Self-Propelled Lawn Mower With battery-powered gear killing it in terms of quality, manufacturers are motivated to push the envelope on gas-equivalent performance. But are consumers still hung up on the cut quality achieved with a cordless unit? Should they be? With that question in mind, we’re going […]

Stihl FSA 135 R string trimmer

Stihl FSA 135 R String Trimmer Review

Stihl’s Cordless FSA 135 R Breaks Barrier Between Battery Power and Pro Market Battery-powered equipment has been big with homeowners for some time now. Of course, the consumer isn’t cutting a variety of lawns all day, every day, either. Indeed, this has long been the commercial community’s hangup with cordless gear–many Pros simply don’t feel […]

Work 80V Nitro Lawn Mower

Worx Nitro 80V Lawn Mower

The Self-Propelled Worx WG761 is Rich in Features and Power If you haven’t already heard, Worx has entered the realm of high-voltage lawn mowers, and they’ve made it official with the release of a 21-inch self-propelled model, the Worx Nitro 80V lawn mower. Notably, this model utilizes the new Power Share battery system, which offers […]

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer Review

The 60TB16 Gives Gas-Powered Trimmers a Run for Their Money Today, battery-powered OPE is arguably better than most of us ever dreamed it could or would be. On that note, Greenworks has long been among those brands at the forefront of the advance. Reviewing one of their many products is perhaps the best way to […]

Toro 60V Super Recycler Lawn Mower

Toro 60V Super Recycler Lawn Mower Review

The Super Recycler Personal Pace Mower Puts Commercial Features in Consumers’ Hands After more than a century in the outdoor power equipment business, Toro has lived up to its name, designing trusted products that are … well, as strong as a bull. Although much has changed since 1914, the brand is still on point with […]