Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer Review

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer

The 60TB16 Gives Gas-Powered Trimmers a Run for Their Money

Today, battery-powered OPE is arguably better than most of us ever dreamed it could or would be. On that note, Greenworks has long been among those brands at the forefront of the advance. Reviewing one of their many products is perhaps the best way to explore the how and why behind that reputation, so this time around, we chose the Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer.

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer Performance

  • Max No-Load Speed: 6500 RPM
  • Cutting Swath: 16 in.
  • Line Diameter: 0.095 in.
  • Feed Style: Bump
  • Gas Equivalent: 31cc

We’ll start with the most important aspects of any cordless OPE–the motor and battery. Driving this trimmer is a brushless motor fueled by a 60V, 4.0Ah battery.

Together, the two are a formidable pair.

Greenworks string trimmer

In terms of cutting power, the Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer generates output equivalent to a 31cc motor. At full throttle, it tops out at 6,500 RPM.

To put that into context, gas-fueled string trimmers should have at least a 21cc engine, which puts this one in a good position.

What’s more, the trimmer head takes a 0.095-inch diameter line, which is plenty robust. Additionally, this model comes with a reverse mode that’s great for detangling or changing the direction in which you throw clippings.

In other words, this tool aggressively attacks dense brush and overgrowth without difficulty.

And much like a backpack blower, Greenworks put the controls on the pistol grip handle. These include a battery indicator, a speed control switch, and a variable speed trigger. The latter helps you precisely regulate the tool’s ranging power capability.

pistol grip handle controls

Finally, there’s the all-important matter of runtime.

Based on our tests (4.0Ah battery), the 60TB16 ran on high for 16 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s not bad for a 16-inch string trimmer of this caliber.

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Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer Design

  • Model: Greenworks 60TB16
  • Brushless Motor
  • Power Source: Greenworks 60V battery
  • Shaft Length: 71 in.
  • Handle Width: 24 in.
  • Shaft Material: Magnesium
  • Weight: 13.3 lbs. (bare), 17.5 lbs. (with 4.0Ah battery)
bike handle grips

Design-wise, we have a fair amount to discuss, but there’s one element that’s particularly distinctive. As its name suggests, this model features a bike handle grip.

At 24 inches wide, it provides a balanced hold on the trimmer. Rather than using the arms alone, this design utilizes the operator’s complete upper body to sweep the tool from side to side.

But apart from the bike handles, the overall profile is relatively standard. Measuring 71 inches from tip to tail, the unit weighs 17.5 pounds with the battery attached–a tad heavier than many string trimmers. Nonetheless, the adjustable padded shoulder strap offsets some of the extra heft.

60V 4.0Ah battery

String changes aren’t tiresome, either, thanks to Greenworks’ Load N’ Go head. Just feed the line through the trimmer head and twist the lower section clockwise to wind it. No disassembly required.

Load N' Go head

Additional Features

  • Compatible with all Greenworks 60V batteries
  • IPX4 weather-resistant

Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer Price

The 60TB16 retails for $329.99 as a bare tool. Currently, there’s no kit option with a battery and charger, but Greenworks does offer a 4-year limited warranty .

The Bottom Line

Boasting gas-equivalent power and a 4-speed motor, the Greenworks 60V Bike Handle String Trimmer is a great option for larger-than-average maintenance tasks. Its comfortable ergonomics and adjustable padded shoulder strap reduce fatigue and strengthen control.

In short, Greenworks has produced a residential trimmer with a number of commercial-worthy performance features.

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